Monday, 17 November 2014

Top 20 Playstation One Games

It’s been awhile since the death of Playstation One. And by “death” I mean not manufactured anymore. If you are over 16 years of age then you probably still own a PS1 or at least seen one. Even its sequel - PS2 is not produced anymore.

Anyways Sony decided to move on with the creation of these consoles. Playstation Three and Four quickly replaced their older brothers because they offer better engines, graphics, gameplay and overall technological advantages.

Here I have enlisted some of my favourite PS1 games along with other best-sellers favoured by gamers in the world. Remember that this is only my opinion. Let’s get on with the top 20 best Playstation One games.

sony playstation one

20. Need for Speed 4

I’m not really a fan of car games but I remember playing this with my lil’ sister. We didn’t really compete as much as we crashed our vehicles hard and going like “Whooooa that was so cool”.

Anyway the game is pretty fun, has some nice car selection, maps, graphics and soundtrack. What else does one need?

19. Tomb Raider 

This game is so awesome, I don’t even know why I put it this low in the chart.

It is very complicated in terms of control but has some nice puzzles I spent countless hours solving and traps I had to avoid at all cost. Might even consider replaying it tonight.

Friday, 14 November 2014

If SEO Was Like Music

Don't you hate it when you get stuck in a traffic jam? You sit there, waiting for hours to move a few inches. The only thing you can do is listen to the good old radio... or play some game on your super smart phone.

So I was listening to the radio and a random pop song came on. Not a big fan of the genre, but there are a lot of good songs. This particular one wasn't. There was a lot of repeating of the same word over and over again. The lyrics had almost no meaning and the melody was sampled from another very successful song from the past. Because I see content everywhere, I instantly connected that to my work - SEO.

Music SEO genres

This is how I see SEO if it was like music.

Pop Music

This genre has been here for a long time. I won't talk about the olden days, but about modern pop. The Pop SEO is a persona who likes to stuff his text with keywords. No synonyms, no variations, maybe a bit of entity salience. They usually mention the main keyword at least 50 times in a 500-word-text. And they will put it in the title and in the headers.

These folks always search the easiest ways to rank. Just the most skilled ones will create something new and will maintain it for years. Most of the Pop SEOs prefer to grab an old content and give it a new look. It's called a skyscraper technique - why think of new things, when you can rely on already successful content. Just make it better, or in most cases - fresher.

A main problem here is that many of the colleagues in this field are one-hit wonders. They make one site, rank it to the top with a lot of links, lot of mentions, stuffed content. The website stays on the top positions for a few months, but later on it will fall and we will never hear from it again. Sometimes they come back with new sites, but they never have the same success.