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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

7 Reasons Renting In London Sucks Big Time

So, I've been bashing this renting thing in London for a while. While I believed to have give pretty thorough arguments as to why it absolutely blows to rent in the capital, a lot of friends outside of the UK still keep asking me if it's really that bad.

Just a quick scroll at Reddit today made me make this post. So, beginning with my inspiration..

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Worst Possible Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Time is short and Valentine's Day nears. Some people have already prepared with their presents, others haven't. Some people plan their perfect gifts weeks before the actual event, others procrastinate and act as fast as they can in the final hours.

Acting fast often clouds your judgement and makes you do terrible or wrong hasty decisions. If you are superstitious you have another problem - this year the 13th of February is... Friday.

Dear procrastinators, people having limited free time and everyone else, here's a lists of the most awful St Valentine's Day gifts you should avoid at all cost.

woman disappointed by her present

1. Same or Similar Past Year's Gifts

A present has to be unique. No doubt about that. You wouldn't want your partner to think that you didn't put any effort at all when selecting his/her gift.

Of course there are some exceptions, say, a trip somewhere you haven't been before. Or maybe your partner wouldn't mind a sequel of a book or a movie.

2. Gift Cards

Again this could leave the impression that you didn't put an effort or thought to look for a present. Or even worse - you don't know your beloved well enough to know what's exciting for them.

3. Diet Stuff or Fitness Card

Are you implying that your partner is fat, eats too much and doesn't take proper care of their body? There are other ways to tell this to your beloved, just don't do it on St Valentine's Day.