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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Coolest Cooler for The Summer. Literally The Coolest.

New Modern cooler called the Coolest

This is what I found on the Internet today - a modern 21st century cooler design, called the Coolest. It made me think about the present coolers we have. They are really outdated and impractical. Yes, they cool, because you fill them with ice. They sort of do the job, but are not really practical any more.

The typical cooler takes a lot of space, it breaks easily, it's not very comfortable and it's hard to carry from one place to another. Maybe we are not so bothered right now, because we didn't have a better option, but now we have.

Ryan Grepper started a Kickstarter campaign for this new cooler called the Coolest. So he pledged for $50,000, but it turned out a lot of people thought this project should become a reality. And now he got around $4,6 million. And there is still a lot of time until the starter ends.

Why are we not funding this meme
But We are funding it!
And why shouldn't he get funded? Look what The Coolest has to offer. There is a blender on top. It comes with a 18 volt battery, so it has enough power to break your ice. Which is really practical, because now you can mix your cooled drinks with some ice and make some sweet cocktails.

And that's not all...

You can use that battery for more than blending. There is a waterproof USB charger on the back, where you can plug in your phone or player. And you need your player/phone, because there is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Now you can use your cooler as a multimedia device - play the song from your song and the ice box will play it. Pretty sweet.

Coolers are usually used for camping or some outside parties. Speakers and a blender are a nice option, but it's not enough to call this invention revolutionary. So there are a few other very convenient features. Take the LED lights for instance. Now you can open the cooler, see everything inside, instead of blindly touching every bottle, and grab your desired item. So simple, but it changes everything.

And you can easily transport it. The Coolest has stringer, wider wheels. There is a bottle opener, a cooler divider (so now you can put ice in one section and some other thing in the other), a gear tie-down so you can transport more than your cooler in one run.

So I hope you find this project as interesting as I do. It will change camping dramatically. So if you think this upgrade of the regular cooler is worth it, check the Kickstarter.

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