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Monday, 5 January 2015

Scientists Have Discovered a New Diet! And It's Affordable!

Burn Fat FastHappy New Year to all! It's the beginning of 2015 and people are making their resolutions. Because most people make lot's of resolutions connected to their health, this is the time for health tips scams. Whether you are looking to lose weight, burn fat, start a diet, there is a scam for everything.

But this is no scam! Scientists have used modern technology and years of research to discover one very simple and incredibly effective way of losing weight. Sorry skinny people, this is not a topic about building muscles, only overweight people are allowed.

Oh, and the other plus side of this miraculous diet - you will be saving money too!

What I am talking about?

Yes, I am talking about the quite famous dihydrogen monoxide. It's proven that if you live only on this substance for a week, you can loose around 15 pounds. For only one week!

It sounds absurd, but it's more than true. All you need is a bit of dedication. Leave those fat steaks, put the soft drinks aside. No more cakes and bread. You have to quit even the veggies and the fruits, because many fruits have extra amounts of fructose (in other words sugar!). All you need is this simple and cheap liquid.

Think about it - 10 litres are around £3, you can drink as much as you want, easily accessible (you don't have to go to special shops), good for your health, losing weight fast. What more could you possible want from a diet?

There are a few side effects:

  • After the first week - nausea
  • Possible Yo-Yo effect after quitting the diet
  • Possible death due to starvation after 50-60 days
  • Looking too skinny

dihydrogen monoxide is water
If you haven't got the joke yet - I'm talking about water. And if you are still reading this, you are really desperate to lose weight. 

Don't starve yourself. We all want to look perfect, but you can't make your body go though horrible diets, just to lose a few pounds. Find a diet that is suitable for your life, for your body. Don't exhaust yourself. Eat regularly, just quit the junk. Do more exercise, walk to work.

It's really scary what people are willing to do without thinking of the consequences. This article might be a joke, but there are actual diets based on water. Can you imagine what your body will go through if you drink only water for a whole week?

Stop the madness and enjoy your life. 

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