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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

7 Reasons Renting In London Sucks Big Time

So, I've been bashing this renting thing in London for a while. While I believed to have give pretty thorough arguments as to why it absolutely blows to rent in the capital, a lot of friends outside of the UK still keep asking me if it's really that bad.

Just a quick scroll at Reddit today made me make this post. So, beginning with my inspiration..

"£160 / 1br - Double room in KINGS CROSS (NW1) - £160 !!!"

Yeah, if you push the armchair a bit and squint your eyes a little harder and focus all your imagination on it, you can almost open the third section of the wardrobe..

"£110 / 1br - An attractive single studio in the heart of West Kensington"

Very own shower room comes as an exclusive feature these days...

"£150 A bright and modern room available to rent (Fulham- Imperial Wharf)"

Only 600 ppm for this lovely brand new double bed room. Toilet also comes with a ticket machine so calmly manner can be upheld on those critical workday mornings...

"£95 A resplendent studio just off the popular North End Road (West Kensington)"

Yeah, no worries, very own shower is great. You can even go number one in there all the time without waiting times.. Good offer, no ?

"Lovely Self contained Studio furnished or un-furnished minutes to Brick lane and Shoreditch Station"- £1,200 per week

Plenty of room in there for a single mattress...You only need to move it out of the way when you're not sleeping... And for 1,200 per week only.. What a bargain......

"Ensuite room in professional only house crossharbour walking distance to canary wharf E14"

Oh..? So it's for professionals ONLY.. It's alright, we can charge £2600 per month for a single bedroom with ensuite. I mean, they're professionals, aren't they ?

Well, I can keep going, but I think the point is clear. It took me only about 2 hours of casually browsing through Craigslist and Gumtree.
Obviously, there are thousands of ads similar to these with absurd prices for absurd amenities..

As Geoff said, minimum wage for a 21 year old is around £260 per week. What chances do young and aspiring adults have to live a normal life in London, when they are up against this kind of ludicrous housing..

And for finale, let's not forget the ever popular "cupboardstudio flat with en-suite water tank and parquet"...