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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Do You Need Cleaning?

This is a flowchart that Lucas and I made. I had some trouble with deciding whether or not I need a cleaning service. It's a tricky one, because we all know the ups and downs of using such things. I can have more free time, but spend some money on professionals. The other option is to go to the store, buy products, clean on my own, and spend the whole day doing it.

Decisions, decisions. And I am not living with mommy any more, so I can't rely on help. So this simple idea came up. I suggested it to Lucas and he liked it. Nobody likes cleaning infographics and charts. They are boring, unoriginal, who would read them? We decided it should be fun, it should be amusing and people mustn't take it seriously. 

That said, we are absolutely aware, that absolutely no one will ever go to this chart for help. No one will think "Should I call the services or not? Let's see what the flowchart will tell me." It's made to amuse you, make you smile. If we succeeded, we have accomplished our mission. Hope you like it!

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