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Monday, 29 July 2013

The Robots Killing Aliens Movie

If you are wondering whether you should watch Pacific Rim, the answer is yes. Why? Because it's a movie you should not miss. There might be different opinions around the internet -- some people will tell you it's shallow, the dialogues are worse than a Paris Hilton movie and the predictability level is high. But the general opinion is that this movie kicks ass.
Striker Eureka Shooting
Striker Eureka

Why should you watch Pacific Rim? Generally, it's huge fun, but not fun like in comedies. No, it's like those action movie with explosions where you just sit and laugh, because of the epicness you witness. It's a 131 minute film, but it felt shorter, it felt there should be more. It grabs you from the moment it starts to the last minute.
There is no need to tell you about the plot. If you are reading this, you are at least curious about the film, so sooner or later you will go see it or you'll find more about the story. The suggestion is to go sooner, while it's still in cinemas. With all the effects, the amazing soundtrack (you can hear it on Grooveshark), and the huge screen (even better in IMAX). You just can't have the same experience while watching it on DVD or Blu-Ray.
How it felt for me? I was a bit sceptical at first. You see giant robots fighting aliens, the first thing you would think of is Transformers and Godzilla. And I am a fan of Transformers, but we saw how bad the second part was. Godzilla is another story. So my first idea was it would just be the next film made with 3D with effects, so it can take our money. But then it came out. People were giving it only positive criticism, the ratings were hight, the reviews were all good. Really surprised to see all this for a mecha movie. My curiosity was growing. Decided to go and see it and it was a great decision.

It's not your regular film with monsters vs robots. The plot is deeper, the fighting is more realistic. A lot of attention to details. When you see the battles, you have the feeling there really is a fight right in front of you. You really feel those monsters are gigantic. It wasn't about the battles though. Everyone will tell you about Gipsy Danger and how it was holding a ship like a baseball bat, hitting the alien in the face. It was memorable, but that's not what you will remember it for. You will remember it for the laughs. You know those laughs where you just can't control yourself, laughing stupidly at the things happening right in front of your eyes, and the inner geek is trying to come out.
I was curious about the connection between Pacific Rim and Godzilla (which is coming out next year). Wouldn't it be great if they are connected in a way? What if Godzilla was the Kaiju (monster) that roars at the end of the credits (oops SPOILERS). But those rumours were proven to be fake. It's all a fan fiction, but we can all agree it would be a great collaboration. Yet, there is no information about that last roar. Where did it came from? We thought every Kaiju is dead and the humans are victorious. It could be the little door, giving the directors and writers to create a sequel. It might be the connection between this and another movie. There are rumours the production of the second film has already begun. It's only rumours, but one thing is for sure - del Toro has some ideas for the future. Some say there will be hybrids between Kaijus and Jaegers (the robots). Sooner or later we'll understand where the franchise is going.
Cherno Alpha Schematic
Cherno Alpha

It's not only about the movie. They are making a small universe, giving us more story. There is a comicbook - Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero. Also Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters is a wonderful art book for the bigger fans. If the film and the comicbook (which is pretty great) are not enough for you - play the video game. All these create a wonderful universe which could become bigger with time. There would probably be more graphic novels, telling stories about the precursors.
I give it 8/10 stars. It can't have more, because there are flaws, but it amused me, it grabbed my attention, it played with my imagination and it satisfied my inner geek.


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