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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Welcome to The Blog

Hello to all!

I have been a freelance writer for a while. I have been writing for different companies (still do that), for bloggers and just for fun. Worked with some friends (like +Mike Hawk) and did some projects with others (+Margaret Swanton and +Megan Steel). But I decided that it was about time to make my own personal blog.

A cat staring at your soul
A Random Cat

I've noticed that there are other blogs called The Generalist, there is even a website, but who cares? This is the exact name I wanted - I won't write for this or that - I will write for everything that can come in mind. That's the beauty of blogging, after all. And the best part - I can share it with you. Google has made sharing a lot easier, so Blogger was the obvious choice.

Changes will come, the design will evolve. I would be really glad, if more of you write to me with criticism - "Your design sucks, change the colours!"; "More black!"; "Add more picture and you should use this tool". Yeah those are things that I might listen to - we have to hear other people and their opinion.

Off we go to the first post.. it will be soon, hopefully. 

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