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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Genius Ideas: The Tile App

Browsing the internet can be incredibly informative. Specially when you are looking in such websites like Reddit, there will always be something that will grab your attention and you will feel like "Why haven't people done this earlier?" This is how I felt when I saw the Tile App. It's an invention that probably most of us have always desired. It's not something that nobody has ever thought before.

All right, I will explain - Tile is a small gadget, that with the help of your smart phone, prevents you of losing stuff. It's that simple. I am not advertising it or anything. I just saw the video and was amazed. I think it deserves a little bit more attention and more people should know about it. Just think about how many times you have lost your keys, your flash drive, your wallet. And it always takes time to recover these things. They are usually in some pocket in some random clothes, in the back of your wardrobe, but it's never pleasant to search for them.

So this is the general idea - finding your forgotten or lost things. All it takes is a phone. The app works like the game "getting warmer". The closer you are the more bars it shows. Simple as that. The problem here is, that it works only with iOS. I hate it when they discriminate other users like that. Android and Windows are used on many smart phones, so I believe that people using them, should be allowed to have something like Tile. But I believe that the problem is, because of Bluetooth 4.0, so we can't blame the developers. Anyhoo, this is how you basically search for your items - with the app.

But what if you lose your phone? How will you search for it then? You can log in from other devices. If you have an iPad or your friend has a phone, just log in from your profile and you can detect it the same way. And it has sound. This means it will beep when you are in closer range. There is even an option to search for other Tiles. According to the ad, if you mum has attached the car keys to her bra, you can easily found them from your phone. This way you don't need your mums phone, you can do it from your own device.

Tile App
The Tile App

And here is the greatest part - if something gets stolen you can find it (probably faster than the police or more efficiently). There is a whole community and a cloud where you upload the location of your tiles. One device has the range of 150 ft (tops). So if someone stole your laptop, bike etc., it might sound impossible to find it. Wrong! Thanks to that cloud system, if there is a person with a Tile App in that 150 ft range of your device, the location of your Tile will be uploaded to the cloud. From there, you will be able to see it on your map.

Don't worry, only people that you have allowed can search for your things. So you will be safe, nobody will know your location.

Here is another number - this application will be good when it gets enough users. Until then, it will be only good to find your keys around the house. Don't know if there will be a big enough community, but I hope they succeed.

Again, I am not advertising this product. I just believe, that if an invention like this exists, if they make a good enough community, life could get a little bit easier and we can have a little less worries about our belongings. That will be until somebody learns how to hack these devices, starts stealing them and removing them from objects. But at least we will have a few months of fun 'till then.


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