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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a very common issue. A lot of people ask how to stop snoring, how to deal with it and there are plenty of solutions. The problem is you have to find out the reason for your issue. It could be because of smoking, drinking, being overweight, allergies, nasal and sinus problems, your position while you sleep, or simply because of your age. When you figure which one of these things is causing the problem, then it will be easy to find the cure.
A guy snoring while his girlfriend is trying to sleep

How to stop snoring? If you are living with a partner, snoring could cause a lot of tension in your relationship - not allowing your mate to have a good sleep for days, months or even years is really irritating. Don't try to solve your problem by sleeping separately, because that will bring even more trouble to your relationship - you will start feeling more isolated, the intimacy between the both of you will disappear. 
And even if you are living alone, snoring is affecting you, without even knowing. Did you know, that snoring can affect the quality of your sleep? You will be more irritable, because of poor sleep and you will feel exhausted during the days.

The most common problem causing snoring is the excessive amount of nasal tissue. Sleeping on your back could cause snoring too, because your throat is relaxed and it will block the air. So you can start by changing your sleeping position. But for the other reasons, the remedies are a little bit complicated. There are plenty of anti-snoring products on the market, but the problem with most of them, is they are not tested, or they are just made to take the buyer's money. Just a small percentage of all these products really work, so be careful what you buy.
Angry dog talking about snoring

First you will start with discovering where this issue comes from. Ask your partner to observe your snoring (they are not going to sleep either way, so might as well help for the solution). Here is what to look for:
  • Snoring with mouth closed – the problem comes from your tongue
  • Snoring with mouth opened – the tissue in your throat might be the problem
  • Snoring position
  • If you are snoring in all positions it might have a more serious problem
What can you do about these things? Here is the real answer for how to stop snoring - start changing your life habits a little. If you have excessive nasal tissue or fatty tissue it's because of your way of living. You can start doing some exercises and go on a diet, so you can lose some weight. By doing that you can lose some of the fat tissue in the back of your throat, which will help you a lot. Smoking and alcohol increase the chance of snoring, so try quitting cigarettes and drink less - that's a proven method.
Another good way to prevent snoring is to clear your nasal passages. There are plenty of good choices for that in your local pharmacy. You can use some more natural ways – like boiling herbs. A very important thing is to keep the air in your bedroom moist. Get a more comfortable pillow, or a specialized anti-snoring pillow. Don't eat or drink before going to bed. Try sleeping on your side. It is proven that sleeping on your right side provides the best sleep.
If these methods don't work, you can try medical treatments. Go to your doctor and ask him for different procedures. You might have to put some devices in your mouth or do some surgery, but if it's the best way to remove the snoring – do it. Continuous positive airway pressure masks (CPAP Mask) is an option, but not very pleasant and not very comfortable, but if it can get the work done - go for it.

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