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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Healthiest Foods for Losing Weight

Living a healthy life shouldn't be a fashion trend, but something natural, something you desire, because it takes a lot of dedication. It shouldn't be for some periods of time, but instead, you should make it a way of life, healthy food to be part of your regular everyday living. Physicians say, that the key for losing weight is not only exercising. Actually about 70% of the whole process is about what you eat. So you might be doing every exercise right, you might be doing enough cardio, and you might be actually burning some of the fats, but if you continue eating junk food, you won't get far.

And here is the real question – what are the healthiest foods for losing weight?

Low Fat / Skim Milk

I am sure, that you have seen the ad “Got milk?” at least a few times in your life. It is not a coincidence, that product is advertised by professional athletes. Low or no fat is good, and what better way to get protein, calcium, vitamins and phosphorus? Yes, skim milk is not as tasty, and actually like everything else, more fat – the tastier, but it is not that bad.

Black Beans

Black Beans

Did you know, that with a cup of black beans you will get some clean proteins and no unnecessary fat involved? It's that simple. You can find canned black beans in every store. They are cheap, healthy and tasty. Now you don't have an excuse for not eating healthy.



A wonderful source of protein. And like many fish, it is low on fat. Everybody knows, that the only allowed meet for losing weight is chicken and fish, but the second type is healthier, because it's cleaner and lower on fats. Oh, and it's tasty, too. You have plenty of recipes to choose from. Here are recepies from BBC Good Food and Jamie Oliver


Actually these are one of the healthiest fruits, and foods in general, out there. Low on calories, low on fats, sodium and cholesterol. There are different theories about cholesterol, whether it's good or bad, but that is another story. You can get your daily dose of vitamin C from a bowl of blueberries. And they are good for speeding up your metabolism, which is what you are aiming for.



Everybody hates it. It might be because your granny used to feed you with a lot of this stuff, when you were a kids. But she knew what she was doing. She knew how important and healthy broccoli is. And if you cook it the right way, it can actually be very tasty. And it is quite famous for having cancer preventing powers, regulating blood pressure and it's healthy for your heart.


It is low on calories, no fats, a little bit of sugars, and there is some sodium, too. The biggest plus to this, is that it keeps you hydrated and it makes you feel full, but actually you have only water in your belly. But the positive sides don't end up here. Watermelons are rich in antioxidants which helps your blood vessels, decreases chances of cancer and much more. Oh, and it's good for your sexual activity.

Brown rice

Brown Rice

Losing weight, gaining weight – it doesn't matter. Brown rice is the food for your. Has healthy carbs, it boosts metabolism and it burns fats (kind of). It's a heavy food, which means you will get full only from a few bites.

Remember, that I am talking about healthy foods, that are good for you, not about diets. Diets could be bad for you , specially if you are doing the wrong ones. They can exhaust your body, can lead to the opposite effect – gaining weight, and in many cases will empty your pockets.


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