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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What Kind of Games Does Ender Play?

So I saw Ender's Game. It was of those movies I've expected, but wasn't really talked about. When I asked some of my friends and colleagues to come watch it with me they were all like "What's ender?" Probably I spend too much time on the internet, watching trailers and reviews on Reddit, but I thought this was a really anticipated film.

Ender's Game poster - with all the main actors

Turns out there were only 10 people in the cinema. There were more on Captain Philips! Yes, Captain Philips is a brilliant film, but it hasn't got many special effects, it's more dramatic and is too realistic for the masses. But only 10 people for a picture with so many effects? I guess there weren't so many adverts on TV...

This is one of these movies you can skip, but you shouldn't. The critics are neutral about it. Haters are not really hating it. The people who love it are not worshipping it. Everything is grey, everything is a little bit neutral. There were big expectations from some and nobody is complaining. Even the geeks are saying the film is following the book. So what seems to be the problem? Maybe not enough people have seen it yet? Maybe when everything is like in the book it's boring and you don't have anything to argue about?

For me it was an okay film. I can't say anything bad about it. The actors were acting, the scenes looked amazing. The idea is brilliant. The only thing missing was the 3D. I know, 3D is messing up all the new pictures, but this one needed such effects. It had so much flying objects that I became curious how it would look in 3D. But it looked awesome in digital, too.

The problem is I can't really say something astonishing about it, either. Some movies just make you write word after word and blow your. This one will be remembered, but I won't watch it again, unless they show it on the telly. But because there aren't any bad sides of it, let me tell you what I liked and when you see it, you'll be the judge.

Real children were playing. 

Ender posing in the training room
This is Ender BTW
They were no older than 16 or 17. I know in the film they are much younger, but at least they didn't used some 20-year-old actors who didn't even look like children. And those "kids" were doing a magnificent job. Great actors and I hope we see more of them. We've already seen Asa Butterfield (Ender) in Hugo and Hailee Steinfield (Petra) in True Grit. It looks like they'll have a bright future. And they were all acting like they should. They looked exactly like kids in military school. Not exactly happy about it, but proud to be there.

Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley are there. 

I know you didn't quite like Ben Kingsley's role in Iron Man, but besides that he is a brilliant actor and I always love when he is a movie. He makes everything more classy. Harrison Ford may not have an Oscar, but we all love him for many of his roles. And I think this one suits him very well. There is no overacting, no William Shatner kind of thing. Everything was right on the spot.

It's not about the effects.

Although everything looks beautiful, the details are amazing, this film wasn't created for the special effects. It was made to show us the mind of a brilliant kid. You see him evolve in different surroundings, you see his potential, his point of view. You see his fears, his emotions and you try to feel them with him. I think that's the thing that grabbed me most. With all the CGI films nowadays, it's good to see something that's not made entirely for the money. They could have made it on 3D and would earn much more (because 3D tickets are more expensive), they could have added a lot of lens flares and blind us to death. But they didn't. The creators wanted us to concentrate on the more important bits.

In Conclusion

Go check it out. So far more people have liked it than disliked it. Sci-fi fans are recommending it and it's good for the general audience, too.
I give it a 7/10
IMDB gives 7.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes - 59% and the users 79%


And by the way, while waiting for the movie to start I saw these two trailers:

I know you've already seen them, but it's something I am looking forward to. Delivery man might be a funny film, the plot looks good. 300: Rise of an Empire sounds like a film made entirely for the money, but let's give it a try. 

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