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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Dark World

After the first movie I wasn't that excited about the sequel. Just another film with a lot of action, a few silly scenes and a lot of handsome men (and then people are saying comicbooks are only for men... yeah right). I didn't expect anything deep or meaningful.

Poster of Loki for Thor The Dark World
Loki: The Dark World

Then I saw the first trailer - it looked a little bit darker. I guess all marvel characters, and not only, are becoming a little bit darker with time, so they can look deeper and gain a bigger audience. Some succeed, other just make another bad film, but with darker colours. So I got intrigued and gave it a chance.

Because people like to compare sequels to originals, I'll start with that. It was better than the first one. Honestly, I would go and watch it again. Don't know why, but it is far more interesting. Probably it's because it looks a little bit more mature. The Dark World is a little darker.

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I won't share any more spoilers, because there are a lot of plot twists (not M. Night Shyamalan, but good plot twists) and this motion picture won't be as interesting if you know what's happening.

Why I loved it more than the first part? What makes me want to see the next film? Yes, there will be a Thor 3. The characters are more complicated now. They are showing them in a different light. Thor is no longer a jock who simply smashes things, Loki shows there are more sides of his personality, Odin might be the allfather, but even he has his weaknesses.

It's not a typical Disney film either. Asgardians die, people die and it's not fun and games any more. But don't think it's all serious-like. This is not the Dark Knight. Of course they will put a joke or two. Of course there will be a Stan Lee cameo (and there is one more cameo that will make you laugh). That is the other big plus - it's amusing in a smart way.

And let's not forget the cliffhangers at the end of the film. Now I am eagerly expecting Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor 3.

IMDB - 7.8
Rotten Tomatoes - 72%
Me - 8/10

Go watch it! Of course there will be people disappointed, but there will be more people satisfied. Just because you hear a lot of negative reviews, it doesn't mean it's bad, it means that the people who think it's good are keeping it quiet.

Here is a video of Tom Hiddleston (Loki) dancing

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