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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Best X-Men Movie Ever?

You might say I am over exaggerating  with the title. Or it may sound like the opinion of a huge geeky fan of the franchise. And you might be right. I am a fan not only of the films, but of the comicbooks, as well. Days of Future Past, Guardians of the Galaxy and Godzilla were/are my three most anticipated films for 2014 and so far they met my expectations.

But Days of Future Past is not just your everyday movie, not something you'll watch and forget the next day. It's a story you'll debate with your friend, people will make memes of it, it will give huge boners to most of the fans. It's just something that we were so excited to see and when it finally came out it was even better!


Let's start with the *SPOILERS*.

Welcome to a dark future where mutants are almost extinct. But it's not only the mutants - humans who have helped them, people who have the x-genes inside them and might develop powers in the future, even future parents who can give birth to mutants are hunted.
Evolved sentinels hunt down mutants. But these are not the old sentinels from the animated series. Not those big-ass iron giants who can be destroyed with a little effort. These can adapt. 

So we begin the film with the brutal murder of Blink, Iceman, Colossus, Warpath and Sunspot. One of the few still resisting x-men. But they were just a decoy - meant to slow down the sentinels. While they are fighting, Kitty Pryde and Bishop are trying to do some time travelling. Kitty has the powers to send one's mind into the past and prevent future events from happening. 

We don't know how Shadowcat got her new powers, maybe we'll find out in X-Men: Apocalypse, but it was really convenient.

Play some Rolling Stones and watch how awesomely the X-Jet comes to the rescue. Here comes Wolverine, Xavier, Magneto and Storm. They are here to save the the world and they have some big plans.

The main idea - use Kitty's powers to send someone back in 1973 and stop Mystique, because she killed Trask (the creator of the sentinels) and after this act everyone went nuts and wanted protection. Plus, the humans captured Raven and experimented on her, so they used her morphing ability to make the sentinels adaptive. 

The original story shows Kitty go back in time. But now they decided to make things more realistic. Because she is sending only the mind, not the body, you can't actually send some young kid or herself. The logical solution - send someone who was very alive back then and with a young body - Wolverine. 

Welcome to a groovier period. Wolverine is butt-naked with a beautiful girl. She calls him Jimmy. It might sound like nothing special, but let's not forget it's 1973 and Logan still hasn't lost his mind yet. So he is still called James. And now he has to find the Professor and Magneto so they can stop Raven from doing silly things.

A lot has changed since First Class. Azazel, Angel Salvadore, Riptied, Emma Frost (pitty) and Banshee are all dead. Trask has captured them and experimented on them. We can see this in the files Mystique finds in Bolivar's office. We can even see how one of the sentinels in the dark future change their exterior to a diamond form, very similar to Emma Frost's powers. Which means they have her DNA.

Magneto is in a prison, Charles is without his powers, but he can walk, because he is using Beast's serum. Raven is on a solo mission and nobody has heard of her for the past few years. 

Wolverine tells the story to Xavier and Hank, they believe them and now it's time to rescue Erik. But how? How can you possibly break into the Pentagon and get a highly-secured prisoner out of there. Let's not forget this prisoner is in there, because the government believes he killed JFK.

Simple answer - Quicksilver. He is just a kid here, probably a teenager. Has a weird hair, weird habits, weird clothing style and is a thief. And he is a lot faster than a bullet. I think they found the right guy. 

Quicksilver in Avengers 2
Aaron Taylo-Johnson as Quicksilver

Some people complain from the looks of this kid. Probably it's not the best version of Peter Maximoff, but I liked him. And I think the majority of the audience did, too. Right now there is a battle between Fox and Disney to see who will have the better Quicksilver. I think the Days of Future Past version wins, because have you seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron one? 

And if you didn't like Peter here, don't worry, he'll be back in X-men: Apocalypse. At least that's what they are saying. He will be different tho. The next film will be set in the 1980's - 7 years after the events of DOFP. Plus, Peter saw how Magneto moved a Stadium over the White House, he saw how a mutant save Richard Nixon... he knows the potential of his powers and he saw how mutants can change history. So now he only has to choose side.

Let's not forget how Quicksilver mentioned that his mother used to date a guy who had the powers to control metal. So we know Erik is his father, but we don't know what role will that play in the future. And no, the girl who was in Peter's lap (his sister) is not Wanda. Wanda and Peter are twins and this girl was younger. And she is not Polaris either, because she is from another woman. It could be his regular human sister, that's all.

Anyway, Erik is free, we say goodbye to Quicksilver and it's time to stop Mystique. But the plan doesn't stop there - Charls, Beast and Logan might want to stop Raven from killing Bolivar, but Erik was planning something else - killing Mystique. It's quite logical - no morphing mutant, no morphing sentinels. 

This is not the way of the good guys. 

Long story short Magneto goes after the president, to make a statement. He moves an entire stadium just to use it as a wall from the police. Obviously in 1973 helicopters and jet fighters are not an option. Or they figured out he can control metal, so what's the point. Also, Erik controls the sentinels, because he put some metal in them. 

Plot twist, Mystique saves the president and shoots Magneto. She doesn't shoot Trask. Everyone is alive, the future is bright and Wolverine is stuck slowly drowning.

What will happen next?

I recently found this post - The whole X-Men movie universe is described here and its timeline. So if anyone has any trouble with following the timeline, you won't find a better song.

Well, Wolverine's conciousness went back in the future. And it's a better future - everyone is alive - even Jean and Cyclops. But does this mean that since 1973 until 2023/2014 (depending on when the new future at the end of the film was happening) one Logan conciousness was existing and it was replaced when Wolverine came back from the past? Kind of weird. 

Magneto and the brotherhood of evil mutants
The Brotherhood of Mutants

So everything went better than expected. We don't know what actually happened for those 50 years. Was there a war? Were the X-men fighting the Brotherhood? Was there a Dark Phoenix saga? Yes, everyone is alive, but we've seen the Professor die before and he came back. So it's not impossible for a few people to die and come back again.

Magneto is not in the institute, so he is somewhere else. Probably in Genosha? Who knows. But Mystique is probably not with him. She took her own path. And the weird thing was, why did she pretend to be Stryker? She saved Logan from the water and captured him. But why? Will she be the one who does all the experiments on him and injects adamantium?  

The best thing about Days of Future past is that now X-Men Origins: Wolverine does not exist. The origin story of Logan has changed and there might be a new better story. Who knows, they might make a new story with more adventures.

It's a bummer Wolvie won't be able to be with Jean, because of that douche Cyclops. But hey, at least she is alive. And Bobby is with Rogue, Kitty is with Colossus. Happy times.

When there is a film involving time travel, there are always some plot holes and questions. But I guess we'll find the answers in the future, or we'll have to guess them.

Post-Credits Scene

I was really bummed by waiting 5 minutes (maybe more) just to see a small clip. I thought there would be a mid-credit scene and a post one, but nooo. So what did we see? We saw Apocalypse creating the great Pyramids. It wasn't slaves, it wasn't years of work, it wasn't aliens. It was Apocalypse and he did it for about a minute. 

So hundreds of people bowing to him, he is having his four horsemen behind him. I think it will be a nice sequel. 

Bdendan Pedder and Bryan Singer

The actor who plays Apocalypse is Brendan Pedder and I doubt he'll play in the next film. Not that he is not capable, but they will probably show a more mature version of the antagonist. Or he might be the younger version when they show the origin story.

I don't know if they'll show some of the old cast again in the next films. Apocalypse is big villain in the X-Men universe and we might see a time-travelling Bishop or someone else to help the guys back in 1980 to save the world.

Or we might see Jean and Cyclops as kids, who knows. I have no idea how the plot will look like, but they are already filming it. 

Personal Rants

So there is a 10 year gap between First Class and Days of Future Past. We know Azazel is the father of Nightcrawler and his mother is Mystique. Does this mean in that gap they were doing it and Raven thought she was not ready to be a mother and abandoned the baby somewhere in Gernmany? It all sounds good, because there are rumours Teen Nightcrawler will appear in X-Men Apocalypse. He might even be one of the horseman and they'll have to save him.

The good thing about Days of Future Past is that they've changed the future. It means that everything which happened from X-Men one to The Wolverine could be modified. So we can't predict the plot any more. 

Wolverine as a horsemen of Apocalypse
Horsemen of Apocalypse

We know that Gambit will appear. Channing Tatum will play the role, but is he good enough? He has the looks, no doubt there, but I don't think he is the person with the best acting skills. But he can manage to do it, let's have some hope. Let's not forget he'll have a solo Gambit film. We'll probably see some new faces there and they might have a big role in X-Men Apocalypse. 

Just for the record - Wolverine and Gambit have been Horsemen of Apocalypse at one point. 

And another question - will there be a new Wolverine movie? Maybe there they'll explain the new storyline, the new future. Or it will be just a now origin. Or it will take place in the 90s and early 2000s. 

So, did you like Days of Future Past?

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