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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Character Customization On a Whole New Different Level! [The Onion]

Random character creation in Elder Scrolls Online

If you weren't satisfied with your character customization with the present games, we give you the future. Changing your character's race, skin colour, beard, boob size or the colour of the eyes is extremely unsatisfactory. These are just some of the factors that could be of huge importance to the game.

But with the new Elder Scrolls Online engine, you will be able to change your character on a molecular level. Now you can be immune to more diseases, or if you suck at anatomy your character might die instantly. It makes the game far more realistic, the game choices are infinite and it will take you only a few days to build your persona.

Now you'll be able to have a character with the perfect looks. The hair will not be stereotypical, you might enhance the body specially for a two-handed axe, if you are a female character, the boobage will be more realistic, and you'll be able to seduce men with your pheromones. How awesome is that?!

And if you are lazy, you can always click the randomise button or simply skip this step.

Here is the video with the full tutorial:

For those of you who don't know what The Onion is just check the website. 

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