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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The 2 Most WTF Moments of the World Cup

Every 4 years there's one month during which the whole world forgets about everything else and thinks only about football, football, football. Even if you try to stay out of the World Cup fever there are 2 fun and awkward moments of the championship that you simply shouldn't miss.

WTF Moment #1: Luis Suarez' Desire for Flesh

During a match between Uruguay and Italy, the top player of the first team – Luis Suarez  probably wanted a snack and decided to bite the shoulder of Italian player Chiellini. Unfortunately, the referee missed the biting incident so the Italian had to chase him around the field to show him the bite marks.

the walking Chiellini
Apparently, this was not the first time Suarez bites some of the other football players. The Uruguayan Dracula had previously tasted Branislav Ivanovic and Ottman Bakkal. People even bet on Suarez biting someone during World Cup 2014 and won a significant amount of money.

This bite provoked a lot of news and social media coverage. It even resulted in Luis Suarez bottle openers which are now produced in China with light speed to cover the huge demand.

WTF Moment #2: a Giant Insect Tried to Murder James Rodriguez 

Giant insect on Rodriguez' arm

James Rodriguez  scored, but many people believe that the insect threatened his life.

So here's the story: Colombian player Rodriguez was about to shoot for a penalty during the quarter final match with Brazil, when a huge insect landed on his shoulder. It flew away just seconds after James managed to score and bring Colombia back in the game.

And the most fascinating thing about this cricket is not its size (which is spectacular, I admit) but it's name. Brazilians call it “esperanza” which means “hope” in English. That's why people think it really brought good luck to James Rodriguez and he scored.

Giant insect tries to murder James Rodriguez

Will there be WTF Moment #3? Who knows? There are still 4 matches to go, so we will wait with anticipation.

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