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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Silent Wednesday 34 - The Infographics You Care About

Loneliness Graph for Cat Ladies

Consumption graph for the contents of a toothpaste tube

Toilet paper amount vs human psychological state

Bank opening hours vs. average worker brakes and free time

Religious extremism based on various religions

Content vs. Advertising space taken in websites throughout the years

Cinema Layout always has the tallest people in front of your seats.

Content of women's magazines chart

Timeline of typo discovery in the  content of an email

fire vs. kitchen accidents detection graph

i'm loving it vs. never again

usually it's that you look like shit

Facebook invites breakdown

Breakdown of the most vital components to human survival

Helicopters general script in movies

the enthusiasm graph at rock concerts

Location of your wanted items to purchase

humans based on the amount they lift

the traffic law knowledge curve before and after your driving test

bar graph of the most common misconceptions over the web

cooking times for steak and chicken

the salary curve based on fun levels

immediate neighbourhood layout

where people meet vs where they say they meet

banana timeline breakdown

from tick tack toe to facebook in 30 years

things that melt vs things you care about melting

the tipping chart

always full on thursday

the diet dangers chart

1996 vs 2014 coffee beverages have increased more than a tenfold

available vs wanted applications on facebook

Aritsts: Mikael Wullf and Anders Morgenthaler at:

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