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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

8 Most Ridiculous Reasons for Divorce

Some might say that the meaning of life is to find your soulmate, create a family, have children and help humanity exist for a few more years. But sometimes (according to statistics around 42% in England) those goals end up somewhere at phase two. Divorce is something not so common these days and the numbers are getting higher.

But what is the main reason for this? Why 42% end in divorce? Who cares... but the one thing I know is that there are some hilarious reasons out there and you deserve to know them.

top divorce reasons

Here are the most ridiculous reason for dissolution.

Cartoons are For Life

You know how your girlfriend never understood why you love Pokemon so much? It's not a big reason, but it's something that bugs you. Well, a Japanese couple separated, because the wife didn't love her husband's favourite cartoon. I understand... I couldn't live with a person who didn't like Scooby Doo either.

The Devil in I

Some people are religious, other people are religulous. Have you ever though that your wife is acting weird? Maybe she overreacts a bit more than usual. Or maybe her eyes are glowing in the dark and suddenly can turn her head 360 degrees. Don't what exactly happened, but a man from Dubai divorced his wife, because he though she was possessed by the Devil.

stupid reasons for divorce

At least this is a reasonable explanation for her monthly mood swings.

Too Much Bonking

Some men complain that they never have actual intercourse with their wives. They always have a headache or are too tired. Well, this Indian gentleman couldn't complain about the lack of sex at all. In fact he complained about the opposite. 

His wife was so naughty and energetic that she wanted to do it everywhere possible. She wanted it all the time and he had to take some pills to keep up with her. Because of that he got a low self-esteem (because of the pills, I mean) and that was the reason for separation. 

Let's Go to Prison

Every couple uses some cute little nicknames. Ducky, bunny, honey are the usual suspects. But a Saudi Arabian dude decided to name his wife Guantanamo Bay in his phone book. You know, like that maximum security prison. When the wife found out, the divorce was inevitable. 

Polly Wants a Cracker

You might have heard of this one.

Parrot is the reason for divorce

Talking parrots are always fun. But when you are a cheating bastard, this could be problematic. This cheating hubby was having some naughty time with his mistress. The secret was well kept, but one day the parrot decided to tell the truth to the wife. 

The bird survived.

The Crazy Cat Lady

Cat ladies are usually single women who get hundreds of cats to feel wanted. In this case the woman had a husband, but decided to become a crazy cat lady anyway. So she adopted around 550 cats and there was no more space for the guy. So he left.

No Undies

Everyone has their annoying habit. Some people love to eat with their mouths open, others chew their nails, but this guy just didn't like wearing underwear.

The cool part is that his wife found out after the marriage. She find it really repulsive and filed for divorce. But the dude said that no matter how much he loved his wife, he will never wear underwear. This is how true love dies.

Facebook is Life

Here is something more modern. Do you know how girls get crazy sometimes when you forget to like her comment or, let's say, forget to change your relationship status the second you kiss? Yeah, well, this man forgot to change his status to "married", so the wife helped him and made him single again. 
funny divorce reasons

He is a businessman and Facebook wasn't in his top priority list, but hey, Facebook = real life. How dare you stay single in the social network?!

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