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Friday, 21 February 2014

Best Of The Internet - Week 1

As we're working for the Internet (he's a person, don't even start to argue with me), me and Geoff find tons and tons of amazing content each week. And, while we can't write for you as much as we want (this blog being a personal side project for us), we decided we can at least compensate you with something. 
Like the Silent Wednesday post, which offers no words, but images and animations for you to interpret however you wish, we'll be adding a new weekly (scheduled) post on Fridays. 
We'll aggregate and collect the best of what we stumble upon throughout the Internet and on Fridays, present it to you, with a small description and commentary. 
I hope you guys enjoy it and I leave you with our first catch :)

27 Brilliantly Designed Advertisements

We found this amazing collection of beautifully designed graphical ads. Each and everyone of them is gorgeous and deserves attention, but from all 27, two got my attention the most. 

Number 2: Colgate Dental Floss - who new a simple kiwi can hold such a great smile.
Number 26:Plant For The Planet -  Even though leaf cut-out art has been around for quite some time, I still find the message in that poster incredibly strong and the design incredibly efficient. No unnecessary elements added and each single one contributes to the message relayed. Great work!

You can check them all out here

How To Do SEO For Now And Forever

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's essentially a job that allows a website to get into the top results for a give search via Google, Yahoo or any other engine out there. It's not exact science and for the beginners, just like me half an year ago, it's hard to grasp the concepts of where to start and what to focus on. 
Geoff found this short and interesting post that focuses on the basics and the foundations of SEO. It presents a decent and easy to understand and follow work flow and process of an SEO campaign. 

You can read the full article here:

The Proper Way To Announce There Is No School Because Of Snow

This next one is a hilarious video from the Durham Academy. Their Head of School and his assistant made an awesome video with a remake of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. With it, they announce the school closing due to the severe weather conditions. 
Nicely done mr. Michael Ulku-Steiner, nicely done.

Marching To The Sound Of Your Own Drum

This is an awesome blog post by Betty. She's a new blogger at Glipho, but has a lot of experience and a grown and mature son behind her. It' really interesting to read he thoughts on how to differentiate yourself from other, how to be individual and especially what does it cost. 

3 Principles for Accepting Yourself and Being Authentically Happy 

This is a brilliant post by Paul Dalton. He shares his story about how he found his real self and how he went through the devastating episode of losing your identity. He shares amazing advice on how to establish the principles of happiness in your life and how to achieve true happiness. 
Although his post focuses on the issue with identity and authenticity, the rules he offers are much more versatile and useful. Even though I don't share his story, I found all three of them incredibly valuable and useful to use and explore within your life.

How To Remove A Facebook Connection 

As a girl working in the Internet, I should have know this already. But I haven’t, and since, I don’t, I guess a lot of people might be please to see how easy it is.
I generally connect my Facebook to everything, because that gives me a strong and better social signal and a globally connected network of profiles that make for a more authenticated general profile around the Internet. But recently I made a bad connection and wondered how to sever it. Well, turns out it's pretty easy, but still, I want to share it with you for future use. 

Good Things Everywhere

Meet Lukas ! He is a web developer that decided to make a change in his life. And he did. The formulated a personal challenge, if I may call it like that. He travels around the world and offers his help in web development and related topics to everyone. In exchange he only takes what you have to offer him or something you can teach him. 
Doing this he meets a lot of people and does tourism the way it should be done - by being part of the community and the culture, in order to get to know them. 

You can read his article here:
And if you liked it, you can also visit his blog and travel journal, where he shares his experiences as he goes:

Recycled Art 

I still support the statement that art is everywhere. However, there are people that can actually prove it. What recycled art is about is to find a purpose and a meaning to an object that has lost it's original ones. To collect and combine to inspire and create something from the "nothing" we throw away as unneeded. The following is a large collection of recycled art piece. I don't hope you enjoy them, because I know you will - you simply can't ignore the ingenuity, beauty and inspiration that they radiate. 

Well, that's it from this first edition. We hope you enjoy it! If you have any suggestions or if you want us to include something for the next edition, feel free to contact us by any means, you find comfortable. Have a good one, 
Audrey out.