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Friday, 23 May 2014

Godzilla - King of The Monsters

There are a few big movies everyone expected to see in 2014 and Godzilla was one of them. And it didn't disappoint.

You know what's one of the biggest mistake a person can make before watching a movie is? Reading reviews. Even if they don't contain spoilers, reviews are made by different people with different points of view. Which means that I might like it, but others will hate its guts.

Godzilla Poster

Simply go and watch the film. You be the judge. And really avoid the opinion of critics. They try to be so smart and original, sometimes they get a little out of hand. Probably that's their job - to complain constantly about one small detail and not see the big picture.

Anyhoo, here is my useless opinion you should not read before you've watched the film.


Do you remember those old horror films, where the scary bits weren't the looks of the monster/murder, but the idea he exists and could be around every corner? They didn't grab the attention of the viewer with effects and gore. Instead suspense was the main character.

Here it was the same thing. It took some time for the viewers to see Godzilla for the first time, but it was worth it. There was such a big suspense that at the moment he/it/she was revealed the crowd started cheering out of joy.

But why did the creators made a Godzilla movie have the main character such small on-screen time? I am not complaining, but others are. Probably because director Gareth Edwards decided to pay more attention to the human factor. To show the viewers a personal point of view - how would regular people react to such madness.

If you want to watch giant monsters fighting, go see the old Godzilla films or watch The Pacific Rim. This new flick is created to make the audience feel like it's there. And this is brilliant. If I saw the movie in IMAX I would probably sh*t myself.

Cloverfield Monster and MUTO comparison
Clover (left) and MUTO (right) toys

The only thing that bugged me were the MUTOs. I don't care if they are new monsters created specially for the film. That's even better, because we've seen old creatures many times before. But they really looked like the Clover from Cloverfield.

That's not a particularly bad thing, but the designers could have been more creative. It's probably because of the front long legs and the shorter lower "arms". Maybe it's the colour or the way the move. The face is completely different, but there are some serious similarities.

And one thing I did not expect - the death of Bryan Cranston's character. Judging by the trailer, he was alive during the hole film. Which means the trailer was outstanding, because it didn't actually spoil anything at all. But he died and I really didn't expect that. Really well written.

Oooh, and Godzilla could shoot his atomic breath! I almost forgot to express my excitement about it. We see a marvellously designed Gojira and then I thought - will they make it have an atomic breath? I wouldn't be mad if the monster didn't have this ability. It's awesome the way it is. But then it got charged, his back started glowing and there it was. Just the best Godzilla creature ever!

Godzilla Fanart

Are you tired of convenient timing? In every Hollywood film there is this perfect timing between characters. Someone is going to die - *BAM* another character appears at this very moment and saves the day. The same thing happened several times during the movie. Godzilla is the hero and saved Aaron at least three times. I would not be surprised if in Godzilla 2 they have a mind link or something.

It was a really great movie. It had a good plot, really outstanding visual effects, we saw the right amount of monster v monster action, we saw Americans do the American thing (using bombs), love, chaos, destruction. What more can you ask from a film?