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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Teens of the Future

If you are older than 25 you probably have noticed how you sometimes complain about the younger generations. And more specifically the teenagers. We complain about the music, the clothing, the habits, the amount of technology they are using, language, disrespect etc. I know I sound like some old timer, but there is a huge gap between generations.

And if every generation of teens wants to grow faster, experience everything in life from early ages, follow the weirdest trends, what will things be after a few yeas?

Funny Human Evolution

How will the teens of the future look like? Let's say after a 100 years.


This will surely be one of the most significant changes. Technology is constantly evolving and with great speed. Ten years ago I was really proud of my 512 MB card for my Nokia smart phone. It was amazing - you could take pictures, listen to .ogg, record videos, had cool coloured games and programs (I think they weren't apps back then).

It's logical technology will change and it will evolve because of the young people. They are the main consumers.

So if now people love to take selfies with their multicored, 41 MP, 5 inch super-smart phones, imagine what people will be using in the future. The idea of a smartphone is to have every technology you can use in one device. So right now you have a camera, tablet, music player, recorder in one. Maybe in time they'll put even more stuff.

Selfies will be a lot easier. And they will never be out of trend. People just love to take pictures of themselves. But in the future they'll have their multicamera phone and will have 360 selfies. Or they'll do 3D or even 4D selfies. They'll be breaking the laws of physics just to make themselves prettier. And the phone will be directly connected to your social profile.

3d selfie
3D Selfie

Heck, social media might be like Big Brother. Instead of uploading pictures and videos, teens will be live streaming every point of their lives.

Right now you are using your agronomic mouse and comfy keyboard to access the internet. But in the future this will just be a silly idea. Holograms and touch-screens will be everywhere. "My Grandpa used buttons to start his laptop! Cuhrazy!"

Let's get one stem further.

What if technology evolves so much, life becomes a realistic version of The Matrix. You live in a fake reality and you don't actually have to leave your house. We already have Oculus Rift. That's just step one, baby! 100 years from now teenagers will be able to party in Ibiza in Armani clothes and a better looking body, just by sitting in your bedroom.


I know it's a touchy topic, specially for a blog which is SFW. But we have to be honest - teens start doing it earlier than ever before. When I was 13-14 I used to play with toy cars, played spots with other kids and enjoyed a few first person shooters on the computer.

But modern teens act and think like horny college students. You look at a 14-year-old girl dressed like a hooker - skirt just a bit longer than her panties, belly is out. What the hell?! You are a kid! You'll say it's the parents' fault. Maybe, but obviously there are more and more bad parents. Probably the numbers will grow and sooner or later will see girls and boys walk wearing nothing but Duct tape.

Maybe things won't be that bad. If social life is in a made up reality (as said above), maybe things will get better. Right now people are using the Oculus Rift as a masturbation technology. And they haven't even started selling it yet.

So Virtual realities might not be bad. No STDs, no actual intercourse. Teens will be safer than ever.


We said STDs might not exist in the future. But technologies are evolving and sooner or later doctors and scientists will discover the cure for AIDS and cancer.

Imagine this sentence "People had stupid diseases like cancer and everyone, like, died..." It sounds ridiculous, but plausible. And it sounds really positive. It would be good if the future generations don't have such serious illnesses.

That's brilliant! But just because teenagers will be safe from all the sorts of horrible diseases, doesn't mean they'll be healthy. The percentage of obese teens is higher than ever before. At least in the United States and Europe. And with the evolution of technology people will become fatter and fatter.

Remember how the human species looked in Wall-E? A very plausible future.

Music and Fashion

If you ask your dad and mum, they'll say the music you are listening to is gibberish to them. Just some random sounds and heavy guitars. But for you it's really melodic and meaningful. The same thing will be, if I ask you what you think of the music teenagers listen to.

And I really don't understand what teenagers find in dubstep, house music and Lil' Wayne. I am not saying it's bad, I simply don't understand it. And in the future people will listen to even simpler music. Lyrics will either stop existing or will consist of no more than two words, so that people can get them.

Back in the days it was all about lyrics, now it's all about the beat.

And because people will be listening to simpler music, more electronic, everyone will be a DJ. After all, present DJ's don't do such hard work as they used to. Press a few buttons, put on a light show. That's it.

Everyone is a DJ

No offence.

But with music styles comes fashion styles. Rap guys will no longer wear pants, because it would be impractical. The duct tape clothing idea sounds possible, but you won't be able to put your 10 inch intellectual phone in your pockets, so they'll think of something else.

Fashion is not only clothing. It could be some sort of  trend. Twerking right now is kind of hot. If this ridiculous "dance" is popular now, how will it be in the future? I can't imagine the horrifying trends in the future.


It's only logical for language to evolve/devolve. People used to talk with beautiful long words, complicated, used in the right time. Now you can't even say "Oh" right. It's always part of acronyms. OMG, ROFL, LOL - they are not only used in chat systems, but pronounced in real life (RL).

And if now younger people can't spell and pronounce the simplest words like "the", "that", "their", what about the future?

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