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Monday, 28 July 2014

10 Really Dumb Ways To Die

   Old age, illness or a heavy duty accident - those are the most common deaths we face in the world. However, there are those truly unlucky folk, who die in equal parts comic and tragic situations. Here are the ten most dumb ways to die.

1. The Magic Trick

Tommy Cooper, a famous British illusionist died on stage in front of millions of viewers behind the telly. In 1984, he was making an appearance in Her Majesty's Theatre. 
While he was presenting his act, he collapsed due to a heart attack. The most tragic in the situation is the public including his assistant all though it was a joke or a part of the act and laughed their heads off while the man passed away

2. The Wrestler

Owen Hart, a wrestler at the WWF died in 1999 while he entered the arena. It was a large event with millions of views and spectators. 
As we know wrestlers, they like to make flashy and manly entrances, before the fight. This one was flashy indeed. Hart was supposed to be lowered in a harness into the arena form a considerable height. He was equipped with a quick release button needed to finish the entrance.

However, the wrestler did something in the air and triggered the release 24 meters over the ring. He fell on the top rope and hours later was announced as dead on his arrival at the hospital.

3. The Interview

Jerome Irving Rodale was one of the first and most famous advocates of organic farming and sustainable agriculture. He met his inglorious moment in 1971 on the Dick Cavett Show. While he was making his appearance, Rodale suffered a heath attack. 
Seemingly he fell asleep, which was followed by the sarcastic comment by Cavett: "Are we boring you, Mr. Rodale?"
The interviewer had a laugh, the audience had a laugh and Jerome Rodale died there on the couch, while they were doing so.

4. The Pill

While the previous deaths can be called tragic, the next one is caused entirely by human stupidity. A Russian mechanic had bet with two women he could have intercourse with them for twelve hours straight and leave them both pleased. 

Sergey Tuganov, 28, threw his 4300 dollars on the table and brought out his trump card - a bottle of viagra. Instead of taking a normal doze, the Russian swallowed every single pill in the cartridge.
He then proceeded with the twelve hour sex marathon and indeed succeeded to last. He took the prize pool and minutes after suffered a heart attack and died.

5. The Beast Master

Kenneth Pinyan, a Boeing engineer had the animals. He loved them so much he made himself a habit of having intercourse with horses. 

As you might guess, it didn't lead to anything good. On his last act, his trusty stallion thrust a bit too far and punctured his intestines.

The man refused to go to the hospital which, if we considered his..extraordinary..situation and the fact he worked for a known aeronautic corporation, is understandable.
However, hours later one of his accomplices dropped him off at a hospital and disappeared. Pinyan was found dead before any medical help could have been administered.

6. The Bubble Gum

An Ukrainian student blew his face off in 2009 in Kiev. Allegedly, the 25-year-old man loved to dip his chewing gum in citric acid - the one responsible for the sour taste of the lemon. 
However, one night, his parents heard "a loud pop" from the room their son worked in. When they entered to see what has happened they found the body missing his lower jaw.
When the investigation finished, the forensic squad said he must have dipped his gum into something else, that proved to be a powerful enough explosive when mixed with saliva. The substance remains unknown, but authorities have closed the case with the stated cause of death.

7. The Sheep

A hungry flock of sheep pushed a 67-year-old woman off a cliff and to her death in Durham, England. 
Betty Stobbs, the woman of a farmer was to feed the sheep before her indignifying moment.
She grabbed a bale of hay from a quad bike parked at the edge of a cliff, which led to an abandoned quarry.

However, the sheep charged at her in their hunger for the hay and pushed the woman and her quad bike of the edge. The vehicle landed on her, which was the reason for her demise.

8. The Cock

No, we have finished with the sex theme for now. Our next ironic killer is a fighting rooster. A man attended an illegal cockfighting event in California. In cockfighting, sharp blades are usually strapped to the animal to enhance it's lethality. 
Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, was stabbed in the leg by one of the birds while he was spectating the fight.
Typically, it's not a fatal injury, however, whether due massive blood loss, or infection, the doctors couldn't help him pull through.

9. The Neck Massager

Probably the most illogical death of all is caused by a neck massager. Thirty seven-year-old physician Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson tried to relieve the pain in her neck with an electrical massager.
However, the dastardly machine entangled in her necklace and tightened around her neck. The woman was found strangled later.

10. The Tampons

Mark Gleeson from Hampshire had a serious sinus problem after a car incident. His snoring was so loud it would wake up the entire house. The doctors had no solution, so he and his girlfriend took it up to themselves to solve the problem.
At home he drank some wine and took sleeping pills. When the conversation about his sleeping was brought up, both of them agreed he would stuff tampons up his nose to sort out the problem.
Little did they know it worked, he never snored again. Nor did he do anything else.
At the given night he suffocated himself with the tampons. Due to the sleeping pills and wine we he slept deep enough and his survival instincts failed to wake him up. He asphyxiated in his sleep.