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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Orlando Bloom Becomes a God After he Punched Biebs

Usually I don't like Hollywood drama and gossip. I couldn't care less who broke with who, who smoked some weed or had intercourse with their co-worker. Even sex tapes are nothing shocking and worthy of attention (unless it's a good one). But this "news" is just something our readers should know about. Orlando Bloom punched (or at least tried) Justin Bieber. What a fantastic day!

A photoshopped picture of Orlando Punching Bieber
You can see the video a little further down in the article.

I don't care why the brawl happened. Is it because of Miranda Kerr or Selena, whatever. The point is, that Orlando had the guts to do something millions of people around the globe want to do - punch Bieber. He instantly became a hero.

The thing is, he didn't actually punch him. He threw a punch, but there was not collision. Still, that's enough for the fans. Next time it will be right in the jaw and people will start building temples in honour of Orlando. I'm being serious here:

And there are thousands more on Twitter right now. Fans taking sides - Justin or Bloom. Some even posted a crying picture of Orlando. This made me sad, because he is the hero of the hour. He shouldn't be feeling sad like that. But we understand, you couldn't actually punch him, so you dropped a few tears. I would feel the same.

But don't worry Bloom, help is on the way! UFC Legend Forrest Griffin offered to train the hero, so next time he can knock him out. This is a true sportsman spirit. Orlando should listen to Forrest and take a few punching classes.

Here is the promised video: