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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Bicycle of The Future - Denny

The bicycle has evolved for over 2 centuries. It was made back in the 19th century and has changed a lot since then. But the general design hasn't changed much lately. You have many different types of bikes for different purposes - city riding, downhill, mountain bikes, for touring, racing, bmx and many more.

comparison between first bicycle and Denny bike

Today we will show you the future of the city bicycle. Teague X Sizemore won the 2014 Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project. It's called the Denny and it's an upgrade of the standard bicycle. It gives the solution to all of our everyday two-wheel problems (at least most of them).

What is so unique about Denny?

On-board Computer. So there is a computer which can sense how hard you are pedalling and will automatically shift gears. It's not like you can't figure it out for yourself if it's too hard or not, but it's waaay cooler if a machine does it for you. And the other cool thing which helps you with pedalling is the front motor. It's connected to a detachable, rechargeable battery and helps you when you go uphill. 

Signals. Now your bicycle is one step closer to becoming a motorbike. It has signal lights, which will make your ride a lot more safer in the urban jungle. You don't need to hold your arm and hope for the driver behind you gets the idea. Now you have blinkers, head and back lights and a break light. And they respond to the natural light. Like your smartphone display.

picture of Denny Bicycle
credits to Teague

Fenders. This is not a new invention. Fenders have been on bicycles for decades. But these are innovative. These fenders actually work and will protect you from puddles. The trick - there are rubber bristles. Such a simple solution, but it works magnificently. And they look quite stylish.

The Basket. It's not as big as on other bikes, but it is comfortable and it can strap your groceries tight.

Security. Did you notice the shape of the handlebar? It's weird, right? That's because it's meant to play two key roles - a handle bar and a locking mechanism. So you can use it to lock your bike to poles and other things. You don't need to buy a chain separately.  

This will be the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike, as the creators have said. And because it won the project, you will be able to buy it from next year (2015). Fuji Bikes will manufacture it.

But what is the price? Is it going to be worth it?

There is still no real price, but people are assuming it will be over $2000. And it might go even higher than that. Not everyone would be willing to pay such money. Specially, when you can have a decent bike for around $200. You will pay a few extra dollars for a lock chain and lights and you will still have a cheap, but good bike.

And people ask - is it worth it? For such money you can buy a scooter or some cheap car. Yes, they run on petrol and you will need to waste money on that. You won't do much exercising and save the Earth much, but with those automatic gears and electric motor, you won't be doing much exercising with Denny, either.

I guess, this bike will be used mostly by rich people who want to brag about their new gadgets. Still, it's a sweet ride.