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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Silent Wednesday 38 - Disney Unhappily Ever After

Mulan on a background of air polluted Beijing

Pocahontas at a Hong Kong cassino

Princess and the frog in segregated America

Esmeralda at current day Notre Dame

Little Mermaid on the oil polluted shores of Australia

Dumbo being whipped bloody by a circus handler

Cinderella homeless on the street

Alice getting her dose in a back alley

Chicken Little in front of a KFC joint

Bambi's stuffed head on a living room wall

Ratatouille at an pharmacological test center

101 dalmatians in a dog shelter

Robin Hood being arrested in public space

Simba in his natural habitat

Belle getting her beauty procedures

Lilo and Stitch on the street, dirty and hungry

Prince Charming testing his charms in a local pub

Winnie the pooh in his deforested home

Tarzan in the concrete jungle

Elsa on an ice sheet in the middle of the molten ice cap

Artist: Jeff Hong