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Monday, 1 September 2014

9 Of The Weirdest Movie Theories That Actually Make Sense

One of the best things about the internet is how people connect. If you are a fan of Star Wars now you can find millions of fans and communicate with them and share your beliefs. So thanks to such communities and connections, fan theories became a thing. And some Internet users are far more creative than others.

Now there are tons of fan theories about different theories around the web. But some are better than others. Some are actually better than the movies themselves. You start wondering whether the writers and directors of the flicks planned those things, or that the dudes behind the theory are so deep in to the plot, they want more and they create a new world.

Here are some of the best movie theories I found:

Pulp Fiction's Briefcase

One of the best Tarantino films ever created. This movie was not just another flick, but it created a whole new culture. Even today, after 20 years, people still love to dress as Vega and Winnfield for Halloween or simply cosplaying.

Vincent opening the briefcase

But have you head about the briefcase theory? Jules and Vincent retrieve a briefcase. They had to deliver it to their boss Marcellus. Nothing extraordinary so far.

Have you noticed how at the end Jules didn't want to give the briefcase to Pumpkin? He was willing to give him money and everything else, but not the briefcase. And when it was opened, we saw a weird "beautiful" glow.

The theory is that Marcellus Wallace has sold his soul to the devil and his two thugs had the job to retrieve it. The password to the briefcase is 666, which the number of the beast, and that makes the theory even more plausible. Maybe that strip on Marcellus' neck is another hint for the fans.

The Tarantino Universe

Speaking of Pulp Fiction, there is another theory connected with Tarantino. It's says that each of Quentin's  films is connected and the characters live in the same universe.

Tarantino Universe
Credits: IGN
And there are facts to prove that. The theory says that Mr. Blond and Vincent Vega are brothers, Lee Donowitz (True Romance) is the son of Donny Donowitz (from Inglorious Basterds), and there are a lot more characters with the same last names in different movies. Some of them are in the main roles, others are just mentioned. But the acknowledge of the existence of such people is what makes the theory possible.

After Inglorious Basterds things became even more real. Because of the two Donowitz, people started believing that because of Hitler's death, everything changed. Meaning - Hitler died differently (in a movie theatre) and that changed the course of history. So people became more violent (somehow) and that created the Tarantino universe. 

Even Tarantino gave some information about the theory. He separated the movies in to three groups - movie universe, movie movie universe and Elmore Leonard universe. The first ones are the real world, the second group is the cinematic universe in the real world, the movies that keep people violent.

Good theory.

The Pixar Universe theory

This is one of the wildest theories ever. It was created not far ago and when the writer shared it, it exploded over the whole Internet. But it's incredibly logical! It was created by Jon Negroni.

Pixar Movies

Brave's events are the oldest in the universe. The main character finds magic. It's controlled by witches and this magic can make humans in to animals and can move objects. The witch is also obsessed with wood-carving. What does all this mean? That the witches have experimented on many humans. Those humans turned in to animals and reproduced with time. And inevitably became more human-like.

The next on the list are the Incredibles. The movie takes place in the middle of the 20th century. There are superhumans who slowly vanish. What's important here is the creation of Artificial Intelligence. Buddy created a robot so smart, that it could live on its own. The machines evolve and realize that they need a different way to control humans - creating consumerism. This brings us to Toy Story where toys can talk and want to please the humans.

After that there is Ratatouille. Here we can see how animals have evolved and want to act as humans. But we can see more of than in Finding Nemo. In Nemo the animals are more intelligent, they have societies, sharks want to be vegetarians, fish want to be out of the fish tanks.

In Toy Story 3 we see how the toys will do everything to please the owners and how objects and humans are strongly bonded together.

Up is the next film in the timeline. The company created after the Incredibles events (Buy-N-Large), which was created by the machines, is taking over. Also, Muntz discovers a way to communicate with animals. This probably occurred, because there were many times where animals acted smmarter than usual and humans stared noticing.

Now animals and humans can communicate. But this ruins the balance of nature. In Wall-E we see that the machines have won. BNL (the machine-made company) has taken over and has exiled humans in to space.

We can see the results in Cars and Cars 2. There are a few animals around, but the entire planet is ruled by cars, who act like humans. But because everything is controlled by machines, Earth's resources are slowly vanishing. BNL realizes that and the machines abandon the planet.

And we see that there is one machine left in Wall-E. We see the only living organism there and how the little robot saves Earth. The humans are back on the planet and the small plant has become a tree.

The same tree is seen in Bug's Life. Here we see animals have evolved and created big societies. They don't need humans any more. Probably have overshadowed the small human population and the people have been extinguished. Sad, but the animals survived and continued evolving.

This evolution makes the animals "Monsters". In the Monsters films we see the evolved animals and that they need the same power source the machines did - people. So the monsters create time-travelling doors. But in order for the monsters not to change the timeline, they are taught to be afraid of the humans.

Sully finds out Boo is not toxic and they both become friends. And Boo sees the Monster universe. But after their separation, she becomes obsessed with finding her way back to this universe. She knows the key is the wooden door. And she uses wood as the key for time travel. Instead of going in to the future, she goes to the past. She discovers magic in order to find Sully. She is the witch from Brave. To prove everything, there is a carving of Sully in the witch's cabin.

To see the whole story visit the original article.

The Thing Theory

We all remember this beautiful horror film. One of the best scary flicks ever created with the best atmosphere. It became a cult. But there are a lot of theories around the movie.

The most popular is that Childs is the alien at the end of the film. We see MacReady and Childs standing there together, reunited as the last survivors. But is one of them the monster?

Watch the video (and it's second part) for a full review of the theory. TL;TR - people believe Childs is the alien, because we can't see his breath. The alien doesn't feel cold like the humans do. The second thing - Childs drink from the bottle MacReady gives him. But in that bottle there is a Molotov cocktail. The alien doesn't know the taste of petrol, so it drinks it without a reaction. MacReady smiles at this and the film ends.

There is more. The clothes are a big key to the whole picture. The alien can change the looks, but it can't duplicate the clothes. That's why we see torn clothes throughout the movie. And Childs is with the same clothes the entire time, but when he comes back he is with a new jacket. Hmmm...

Aladdin is Set in The Future

Well this theory is taken too seriously, because Aladdin is an Disney animated film and the Genie is voiced by our beloved Robin Williams, who likes to make us laugh. He sometimes talks gibberish.

But here is the theory anyway. Because Genie says that Aladdin's clothes are "so 3rd century". At the same time we know Genie has been in the lamp for around 10 000 years. And if he know what the 3rd century was, it means Aladdin is in the future. Way to take things out of the context.

It's not only the phrase though. Genie imitates famous people from the 20th century, and the only possible explanation is if he lived at that time. And magic is just the technology left after the big apocalypse. Wow, such theory.

The Joker from The Dark Knight is a War Veteran

The idea is very logical. The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder could make a person act very weirdly and could make you insane. This theory comes from the story The Joker tells Harvey Dent about the soldiers being blown up.

The Joker Fan Theory

Plus, The Joker has those scars, knows how to use different weapons and knows how to take a punch. Actually it could explain a lot.

Stan Lee is Uatu The Watcher

We all love Stan Lee's cameos. He's been in almost every Marvel film, no matter if it's from Sony, Fox or Marvel. What if it's not only a cameo? What if this is some big role and he actually is the Watcher?

The Watcher
Uatu The Watcher

It's not true, but it's a cool theory. Stan the Man being Uatu - a being from a space race which monitors all the events in the universe. He, of course, is in a human form, so nobody can recognise him.

Courage the Cowardly Dog Theory

I know it's not a movie, but the theory is so brilliant, I really wanted to share it. Basically, Courage is just an ordinary dog and the whole series are from his perspective. It's quite logical actually.

So Courage is a regular dog, nothing special about him. All those monsters, freaks and weird events are normal things, but for a small dog they all look scary. This is why Muriel and Eustace take every threat lightly. Also, they do not live in the middle of nowhere, but because the owners are so old and hardly take Courage out, the doggy thinks it's the middle of nowhere.

This theory explains a lot.

The Avengers - Loki's Plan

It's something that sound so brilliantly right that you start to suspect whether it's not the original plan of the writers. Basically, what the theory is saying is that everything happening in The Avengers film was Loki's big plan.

Loki from The Avengers 2012

Loki was never interested in ruling over Earth. His only goals were to be the ruler of Asgard, because he thought his half-brother Thor was not worthy. But to do so, he must return back to Asgard. 

The whole film was just an escape plan. He allowed the Avengers to capture him, he allowed them to defeat him. He even smirked when Thor teleported him back to Asgard. But there are a few questions remaining. Why would Loki betray the all-powerful Thanos? 

What if he didn't betray him and Thanos is actually part of the plan? I don't know if you have seen this, but the Infinity Gauntlet is located in Asgard. And guess who can give it to Thanos when the time comes. So it was all part of the plan. The bad guys won and their plan succeeded, even if the Avengers thought otherwise.

But there is a victory for the good guys, too. Thanks to this battle, thanks to the events, they became stronger as a team, stronger than ever before. 

Check the original theory for more details.