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Monday, 17 November 2014

Top 20 Playstation One Games

It’s been awhile since the death of Playstation One. And by “death” I mean not manufactured anymore. If you are over 16 years of age then you probably still own a PS1 or at least seen one. Even its sequel - PS2 is not produced anymore.

Anyways Sony decided to move on with the creation of these consoles. Playstation Three and Four quickly replaced their older brothers because they offer better engines, graphics, gameplay and overall technological advantages.

Here I have enlisted some of my favourite PS1 games along with other best-sellers favoured by gamers in the world. Remember that this is only my opinion. Let’s get on with the top 20 best Playstation One games.

sony playstation one

20. Need for Speed 4

I’m not really a fan of car games but I remember playing this with my lil’ sister. We didn’t really compete as much as we crashed our vehicles hard and going like “Whooooa that was so cool”.

Anyway the game is pretty fun, has some nice car selection, maps, graphics and soundtrack. What else does one need?

19. Tomb Raider 

This game is so awesome, I don’t even know why I put it this low in the chart.

It is very complicated in terms of control but has some nice puzzles I spent countless hours solving and traps I had to avoid at all cost. Might even consider replaying it tonight.

18. Street Fighter Alpha 3 

A duel game with great combat system. I’m going to call this type of games “joystick smasher”. That’s right, I’ve spent so much money to replace my broken controllers.

The training mode is a cool feature where you practice combos to later use them to wreck your opponents. I love the good old days.

17. Soul Reaver

One of the best ever RPGs where you control Raziel. Betrayed by his master Kain, he seeks vendetta. The path to revenge is blocked by all sorts of interesting and mind blowing puzzles and creatures.

The unique feature here is that you get to shift from living realm to undead realm and the other way around to use different abilities to pass through obstacles. And you feed on souls.

16. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

This legendary game is the main reason I bought a skateboard and began learning tricks and breaking my bones trying. I even started listening to punk and hip hop music because this game had one of the best soundtracks.

Why is this game so epic? Well first of all it has very good graphics. Very cool environments to skate, the goals you have to complete are interesting and diverse. It also has a good selection of characters to play with.

You gain in-game cash which could be spent on various customisations in the shop. Buy boards, skills, apparel, cinematics and other features. There are additional achievements which unlock certain content. In other words - everything in this game is so cool!

15. Nightmare Creatures

This was a scary game back then, especially if you were 12 years old. And a very difficult one too. With limited health resources and strong monsters, one wrong move and you were dead.

The atmosphere this game provides is a creepy one, with the streets of London filled with fog and all sorts of crawlers, bats, zombies, beasts and demons running around. However nothing is dangerous once you learn the fighting combo system.

14. Vagrant Story

This is the weirdest game I’ve ever seen on PS1. Weird story, weird characters, weird world, weird music and weird combat system.

One of the best RPGs on this console, you must solve puzzles in order to progress in the game. You need better gear to be able to obliterate your opponents. A constant character development is what makes this game great.

13. The Amazing Spiderman

Whatever I say here just can’t beat the emotion this reviewer expresses in his video. I just want to note that I really loved the comic books you had to collect for your gallery later.

12. Tekken 3

A classic fighting game every Playstation owner has to try out at least once in their lives. Nice graphics, effects and style.

What’s mandatory on this one is that it almost depends on executing different combinations of attacks in order to beat your enemy. It requires much time to memorise and practice the fighting techniques to become skilled. Every character has his own unique combat style save Mokujin who copies random moves.

11. Twisted Metal 2

A car combat game? How awesome is that!

The objective of this game is to drive around and wreck your opponents’ cars. On your way to victory you find various weapons you use to obliterate your enemy. Bombs, rockets, traps are some examples.

There’s a wide variety of cars to choose from with each having an own special ability. You can select from several maps which have secret passages and unique obstacles. You can even destroy the Eiffel Tower if you choose to race in Paris.

10. Quake 2

A first person shooter for Playstation One? How do you even control that stuff?

Yes, an FPS for PS1, and a good one. And the controls take time to master but it’s not so complicated. You’ll get used to it once you see how epic this classic of the Quake series is.

All alone in a world full of ugly freaks with big guns trying to neutralise you while a heavy sounding music fills up the scene? Challenge accepted!

9. Mortal Kombat Trilogy

MK 1, 2 and 3 All-in-one! Great characters, great combos, great fatalities and other special finishing moves. The battle arenas look very realistic. Oh yeah, and the game involves Rain!

8. Medievil

How do you come up with such an awesome idea for a game? With everything drawn so ridiculous and with funny voice acting. Oh yes, and the storyline is also amusing - you control Sir Daniel Fortesque who was a great warrior that died in an embarrassing way and often gets mocked by his fellow knights.

Getting trolled by all other characters in the game, it’s up to him to defeat the evil Sorcerer who turned the whole city into mindless zombies. Hilarious!

What makes this game so special except for the fun part of it? Well the graphics are nice, it’s an action RPG and it has objectives you must pass before venturing further. A rich selection of weaponry ranging from pulling your arm off to beat monsters to enormous two-handed hammers.

7. Silent Hill

An absolute pearl in the horror genre. Be careful when you play this game because it’s very scary. In fact, so scary that you might even have nightmares or worse.

The main character Harry Mason wanders around a city called Silent Hill to find his daughter who disappeared after both crashed on their way to vacation. On the way he battles hideous creatures who want to kill him.

The game is full of hard puzzles and mystery. What makes it challenging is also the fact that your ammo is strictly limited, you have only a flashlight to find your way through obscurity and a radio which makes strange noises when a creature is near.

6. Metal Gear Solid

People say this is the best PS1 games ever. Your goal is to regain control of a secret nuclear weapons base from terrorists.

It has good graphics, storyline and thrill. A tactical game where stealth is the most important skill you must have. Of course there are 30 types of weapons and 20 gadgets at your disposal.

5. Abe’s Exoddus 2

One does not simply explain Abe’s Exoddus. I mean I don’t know what the developers smoked while creating the game but it sure is some good **it. This game is freaking… bizarre.

Long story short - Abe discovers that the factory he works in produces a drink made of the bones of his dead tribesmen. He seeks to destroy the bosses of this establishment and rescue all his brothers from enslavement at the same time. Along his way he tricks the guards and runs from all kinds of alien species.

A game once again full of puzzles and obstacles. But the one unique thing here is that if your enemy doesn’t see you, you have the power to gain control of their minds and make them do your bidding. And last but not least, at later state of the game you get the ability to control your fart gas and detonate it. Crazy stuff indeed.

4. Crash 3

An absolute favourite by gamers of all age and preferences.

Basically the evil scientist named Cortex wants to rule the world and you have to stop him. He releases the spirit of a malicious black mask called Uka-Uka. You control a brave fox named Crash and accompanied by the mask’s good brother Aku-Aku and your sister Coco.

This is an action arcade type of game that involves agility and concentration to deal with all the obstacles Cortex has set for you. Collecting apples throughout the game gives you bonus lives. Collecting gems further unlocks new game levels.

3. Spyro The Dragon

The brave little purple dragon’s realm has been invaded by the villain Gnasty Gnorc who used magic to crystallise all dragons. Your goal is to free all members or your race, chase the bad guy and defeat him.

On your way to victory you collect the dispersed treasure of your ancestors and clear the mess Gnasty Gnorc has made. Your journey is guided by your childhood dragonfly friend named Sparx.

2. Syphon Filter

One of the best action games there is and my favourite one. The story and gameplay just rule. It offers a wide variety of weapons, missions where you have to remain unseen in order to assassinate an influential person in the criminal organisation that develops the Syphon Filter virus.

Your mission is to prevent a viral outbreak or prevent the virus to fall into the wrong hands. Find and terminate the members of the secret organisation.

1. Resident Evil 3

And the moment we have all been waiting for - first place goes to Resident Evil 3.

My absolute favourite game of all time, all consoles and PC. I spent a huge part of my childhood playing this one. And believe me I was terrified back then. Being alone in a city full of mindless flesh eaters lurking in every corner.

Oh yeah, and the big freak who’s chasing you throughout the entire game trying to eliminate you. He must kill you and all of the S.T.A.R.S. members because you pose a threat to Umbrella. This is the organisation that screwed up and released the virus. Now they try to cover the mess they made by neutralising everyone that can compromise them and give proof.

In RE3 you are playing Jill Valentine who tries to escape the infected Raccoon City. On the way to success you encounter all sorts of puzzles and decision making. Your enemies in the game are all sorts of perversion of the T-Virus - zombies, dogs, lickers, crows, huge insects, Nemesis and many more.

Nemesis is the freak I was talking about earlier. He is a bio organic weapon designed by Umbrella just for situations like this. You cannot kill this bastard, he always finds a way to revive. My best advice is to save your bullets and run.

Speaking of bullets, Jill has the option to craft bullets using 3 different types of powder. And like almost in all Resident Evil and other horror games you must conserve your ammo for the biggest threats.

This is my Top 20 PS1 games. Now people, grab your Playstations and play some classics. I know I will.