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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Silent Wednesday 52 - Terrifying Deep Sea Creatures

Deep Sea Hatchetfish Frontal Photo
Deep Sea Hatchetfish

The Axolotl Is Among The Weirdest Creatures Of The Ocean

Bioluminescent octopus


This is how the Chinese Giant Salamander looks
Chinese Giant Salamander

A Christmas Tree Worm
Christmas Tree Worm

A Deep Sea Jellyfish Periphylla
Deep Sea Jellyfish Periphylla

No everybody are familiar with the Flamingo Tongue Snail
Flamingo Tongue Snail

Goblin Shark

The Mata Mata Creature
Mata Mata

The Sea Cucumber Creature
Sea Cucumber

A Sea Lamprey Selfie
Sea Lamprey

A Sea Pig
Sea Pig

The Scary Spider Crab Ocean Creature
Spider Crab

Yeti Crab
Yeti Crab