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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Supplements You Need for Bulking Up

​People are trying all different ways to gain weight. Weight loss might be a more popular topic, but gaining it is also as important. And some people are trying it all – eating different foods, trying diets, eating a lot or eating junk food, training and never doing cardio. The problem with some is their bodies have incredibly fast metabolisms so regular food is not enough. This is why scientists have came up with the idea for supplements. They give you the right nutritions, for which you would have to eat a huge amount of food, to get them the natural way.

What supplements do you need for bulking up? Some people are sceptical and think supplements will ruin your body. It might be true, if you are buying some cheap products. It also might be true, if you are buying the wrong things for your body. And we are talking about supplements, not steroids.

Whey Protein

There are two main kinds of protein good for gaining weight – whey and casein. Protein could be found in many foods, but to get the right amount for your body you will have to eat tons of food (not impossible, but hard). With that you will consume a lot of unnecessary substances, fats and etc. And a nice protein shake is lower on calories. It is easily digested and will give you the necessary amino acids, which will give you energy. The best way to consume protein is to have one shake of about 30 grams directly after waking up. Mix it with water, so your body can digest it faster.
Your second dose should be after your work out. This will accelerate the recovery and growth process of your muscles. You can drink this one with milk for better results.


This is a very good energy source. Don't think it's all synthetics. It is actually produced by our bodies and it could be found in different sources. The problem is, to get 5 grams of creatine the natural way, you would have to eat a kilo of beef. This supplement is stored in your muscles for usage during exercising. It is probably one of the top used supplements for gaining weight, because it works in such a simple and wonderful way.
The idea is that creatine will help water go into your muscles. This will help them become stronger for a short period of time – just enough for your work outs. This means you will be able to lift heavier weights, and will have more durability. Also, heavier the weights, the bigger your muscles will get. Creatine also helps for muscle recovery. You need to take a dose before and a dose after a work out. Just don't give your money for cheap versions, because they might have some side effects.


This is the most important amino acid for your work out. It will improve your digestion, it's good for your health, because it will stimulate your immune system, and will help your muscles to recover. It will give you more energy for your training, by providing your muscles with the necessary metabolic ingredients. It will help you not to lose the buff you gained during your training. You should take a dose before training and one dose after that. You can drink it with your protein.
Just because you are taking supplements, it doesn't mean you have to stop eating. You will need to continue eating the right foods, to get your vitamins and get enough sleep.

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