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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

5 Ways to Succeed at Blogging

According to statistics there are around Seven million people writing on blogging sites and around 12 million, who prefer using social networks (like twitter and Facebook). And no wonder. According to the same statistics 77% of the internet population is reading blogs. This means blogs are something people are looking for, browsing them everyday. And when there is a demand there is a supply.

In This Article
1. Be a Woman
2. Be a Cat
3. The Content
4. Social Bookmarking
5. Be Attractive
6. Last Tips
That's the reason hundreds of new blogs are born everyday. And what do you do when you are a new kid on the block?

I've been doing a lot of researching in the past few months and have gathered a lot of information about blogging and guidelines. Here are a few great tips in succeeding in blogging.

1. Be a Woman

The majority of bloggers are women. That's a fact. So what better person to understand women than a female blogger? Simple logic, but that's not all. Some of the hottest topics around the internet - like "Home Improvement" and "mom blogs" are controlled by women. They have the best blogs in that sphere.

Another reason - women are always more trustworthy and friendly-looking. In some spheres, like internet marketing, automotive and let's say hunting, you would look for a man guru. But for everything else, you would prefer a tip from a woman. And it's not only that. A picture of a women is always more attractive for a website, than a picture of an old bearded man. That's why there are so many fake women accounts around.

That's the reason most human recourse employees in major companies are females. They are friendlier-looking, more trustworthy and you just feel calmer around them (doesn't mater what gender you are).

And let's not forget the more obvious, sexist thing - looks. A good looking woman, who posts a lot of pictures of herself, doesn't need an original content to gain views. Just call it a fashion blog and make pictures of your new clothes and you will get some good audience. Looks will sell.

2. Be A Cat

I don't mean literally, but if you are a cat and you can read, write and maintain your own blog, you would be really successful. I am talking about those people who simply have blogs about posting cute animals. It is cliché, it could be annoying, but cats and cute animals in general are always a good way to promote your content and website.

A Cute Cat Which Will Give Me Views
A friend of mine tried it a few months back. As you can see it's a simple and totally random article, but it got more views than others, who took time and effort to create. 

And even if it's not the main topic of the whole blog, it's never a bad idea to create an article about adorable creatures. Make something like "The cutest animals you've never heard of" or something that could actually be useful and at the same time adorable. Share it and you'll get a lot of views. And if you have been posting good content the whole time, people might stay around.

3. The Content

You've heard this everywhere. I mean, every guide in existence is talking about the original content. And they should. No one in their right mind would read something crappy, written in a boring way, with too much text, no picture, and most of all - copied from somewhere. The audience is not stupid. People browse the net every day and they know when you have copied your articles from somewhere else.

So even if you still don't have an audience, even if you are young and still have much to learn - create good posts. They can attract people, they can make people stay.

I can't give you tips for writing. That's a different topic for another time. But remember this - stay original, express your opinion, this is not a news paper, it's a blog, opinions should exists. That's what makes you unique. And most people would say you should maintain a niche. You should, but it doesn't hurt to do something different from time to time.

4. Social Bookmarking

Even if you are the Tolkien of blogging, without sharing your content, you will never succeed. You have to realize social platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are extremely important here. These are the main ways to show the world you are writing, to show everyone you can reach that your blog is worth their time.

Twitter is the most used platform for bloggers. But you can't simply tweet your article and hope for the best. You need to boost up your authority, you need to gain some followers. And to do that, you'll need to make your tweets attractive. Try to shorten your links, try to add some really relative hashtags, so that people can find you. Don't just share once a day - post your article a few time and the next day, too. I found a good article on the about making more followers on Tweeter. Here it is! You can find a lot of useful information there.

Facebook is another good option. You have your friends there and some of them might become regular readers with time. But you have to find new people who also write in your niche. Find blogging pages and you will get a lot of people who might follow you. It's essential to do a page for your blog. Ask your friends to join, ask your new friends. Always post the new articles there, always keep it up to date. Make it attractive! 

Many people are still afraid to use Google Plus. They feel comfortable the way they are - using Facebook. But you have to realize Google+ is the future, whether you want it or not. This big corporation is making every part of it working with the Plus. Places has become part of it, Gmail is connected with it.. you'll have to make a profile there someday (you might even have one, without even realizing). 

It's not a bad thing to have a Google+ account. I prefer it than Facebook. There is a lot less spam. The other good thing are the communities. That's the best feature for bloggers. There is a community for everything and you can find lots of followers there. It's a lot easier to communicate and to promote your articles with Plus than with Facebook.

But there are other social platforms you can use - StumbleUpon, Reddit, LinkedIn, Glipho - they are all really useful and can get plenty of traffic to your blog. You can use websites like Viral Content Buzz and Triberr to gain viewers, too. They are based on sharing - the more you share other people's work, the more they will share yours.

5. Be Attractive

I am not talking about you. I am talking about your blog. It has to be good looking, it has to be professional. You can't have an ugly basic blog, with nothing unique on it, with no personal touch, and to expect people to become fans. They need to see you actually care and you are actually working really hard.
Not Attractive
If you are a new blogger - check this article. There're a lot of links which will help you out. 

Last Tips

Don't think short-term. A successful blog takes time. But if you are persistent and really want it to happen, you will get there. Just do those steps (if you are a man, sorry).

Outreaching - Comment on other blogs - communicate with them. Offer your content to others. Try guest blogging. Create infographics, other interesting and valuable materials (guides) and give them to people in your niche. This will gain you popularity and connections. 

And try to make some How-To guides. Create pillar articles, too. They will always be popular, even after months or years. You can also try to write about trending things - Google Trends can help you. Like the last episode of your favourite show, or the première of a movie, album, video game. 

Last thing - when you look at your analytics and see some strange traffic coming to your blog, from websites like Vampirestat, Adsenswatchdog, VCB - DON'T OPEN THEM! They don't actually give you views. The counters sees it as views, but nobody has been there. It's a spammy website, which generates fake views to your blog, so you can click on the link. It usually finds your through Tweeter. Don't click, because they will continue spamming. 

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