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Thursday, 26 September 2013

How to Do Anything

The world has changed since the Internet has become part of everyday life. It used to be hard to browse around - using a dial-up connection, waiting for minutes to open a single picture of Pamela Anderson. Now you can download a movie in less than 5 minutes (*cough* legally of course). This has improved our lives significantly. But the biggest plus of the internet is the free knowledge. If you don't know how to do something, just type it in Google and you will find the answer. 

That's why I love How To videos. I've learned how to tie a tie, how to cook, how to fix my air conditioner, how to set a VCR's clock (I don't use a VCR, but I've always wanted to learn that). Recently I discovered a YouTube channel that completely changed the ways of How-To guides. It gives you answers to questions you have never even dared to ask. I have learned so much and my thirst for knowledge is becoming even more insatiable.
It's called How To Do Anything TV. Simply reading the name you realize how magnificent this channel is. And by clicking on a random video, you instantly want to watch more. The way this man shows you how to do things is unique. It is really helpful, talks directly to the viewer, not using words, but actions. Check out for yourself:
Before this it never occurred to me how to exactly touch a wall with an apple. It never crossed my mind it could this simple. And there is no excessive blabbering, no extra talking to mesmerise the audience. He is a straight-to-action guy, directly getting to the point of the video. Short, simple and educational. That's how a true guide should look like.
But it's not about those simple things. Sometimes he gives us life lessons that can help you in everyday life.
If I knew this a few years back, my life would have gone in an entirely different direction. Only a genius could come up with ideas like this. But only a kind man could share it for free. Here is an example of a few other videos that might blow your mind.

In the second video he even shows the bloopers. That is essential, because he shows the audience even he can make mistakes and practice makes perfect. I know the video about the zombie tools sounds a little bit absurd, but you have to understand zombies are popular right now. You never know when the apocalypse will actually come, so you might just need to know how to make a tool to survive a zombie apocalypse without a hat. The last part of the title is incredibly important, because under the circumstances, it would be hard to find a hat.

These two are showing the secrets to popular magic tricks. That's something you could use on a party or to your children/young cousins and make everyone amazed. Really thoughtful of him.
Sadly, I can't show you all of his videos. They are all brilliant and there are always new things for you to learn. The topics are always different from what you will usually see on the Internet, because they are made for a wider audience.
Here is the official website - Not only you can see more videos here, but you can actually ask the questions. This is an amazing feature.
If you know more amazing people like this, who are generous enough to share such wisdom with the public, please give a link in the comments.

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