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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Best Lifehacks on The Internet

The internet is not just a place for pRon and cats. I know it's hard to believe, but there is much more to it. What do I mean? One of the best sides of the Internet is the user experience factor. People from all around the world are browsing it and decide to leave their print in some way. Everyone is living a different life, experienced different stories and some of those folks want to share their lessons.
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This is how life hacks are born. Someone made something the easy way, figured that many people are doing it the hard way, so they decided to share their knowledge. And some of these life hacks are incredibly useful and can be used in your regular everyday life.

I decided to create a list with my personal favourites:

With Black Outlines
  1. White text with black outlines can be read on any colour
    You see it every day, but it never occurred to be before. It's incredibly useful when you live on the Internet.
  2. Knowing the freshness of eggs
    This is also something very important. Sometimes I leave my food in the fridge for days or even weeks. And I don't use eggs that often, so weh I leave them for some period of time, I want to know if they are good, without breaking one. How to do it? - Put the eggs in water. The ones who float are rotten, the ones who sink are fresh. Those in the middle are still good to go.
  3. Butter too hard to cut? Grate it!
    It's so simple and it really works. Don't know why I haven't thought of this myself. You can use the grater for your onions, too.
  4. A wet paper towel in the freezer will cool down a Beer Bottle in 10 minutes

    No one likes warm beer. And if you are really thirsty in that hot summer day and the beer is warm, you would want to cool it down as fast as possible. Just find a paper towel, wet it and wrap it around the bottle. Put it in the freezer for 10 minutes and it's done.
  5. Use old bottles and containers to hide your money and belongings while travelling
    No one would steal your sunscreen bottle or shampoo. That's why made a safe box from your old bottle and hide your precious belongings inside - bracelets, money etc.
  6. Boiling eggs - one teaspoon of baking soda for easy shell removal
    Boiling eggs is something simple. But removing the shells after that is annoying. So why don't you make it easier by putting some baking soda in the boiling water.
  7. Take pictures of friends holding items you lent them
    I always hated when people forget to return my stuff. I gave you that book to read it and return it. It was not a gift. Please return it... But sometimes I even forget about things like this. Make a picture with your phone and you will always have a reminder.
  8. Stack your clothes vertically to see them all
    This works only for drawers. If you have noticed, they put clothes exactly the same way in stores. This way even if you have a pile of shirts, you know which one you are looking for.
  9. Use toothpaste to clean stuff
    It's not only good for your teeth. You can clean dirty car lights, silver, metal. You can even use it on pimples.
  10. To stop spam in your mailbox filter by using keywords "Unsubscribe"
    This one is very helpful, specially for people who use their emails on daily basis. Sometimes you get filled with spam and you might even miss the good stuff. Write "Unsubscribe" and unbsuscribe from those newsletters.
  11. Take pictures of places you need to go in countries with low English skills
    For the travelling people this is very useful. I bet you don't know how to say "Where is the bathroom/metro/bus station?" in Chinese. Take a picture of the place and show it to people, they will guide you by pointing. 
It's a short list, but you can find hundreds others here:

And there is even more. There is a subreddit on Reddit that gives you life hacks on daily basis. People share their discoveries regularly and are always really helpful. The even bigger plus is there are comments, where you can discuss if this is truly helpful or if it's hoax. And it's not only about the small things, like making more space in your drawer - they give big life tips, like removing stains, healthcare, usage of different substances and much more. Here is the link -

Last, but not least, check out how they bust some of the most famous life hacks on Mental Floss. Here they prove that some of the hacks are real, but most of them turn out to be fake.

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