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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

How Proper Video Marketing Is Done

I'm sure at least some of you are dealing with some form of marketing. I'm also sure, all of those have read countless marketing advice blogs and industry tips and tricks. And while some of them are proper and deserve time spent, most articles and videos you're going to watch are utter fertilizer.

Today I woke up to a splendid example of how you do marketing using mother's day as a leverage. One of Geoff's clients produced  a video about mother's day using a very unique and creative angle.

Normally, you'd expect them to mention your mother and talk about how good your mother is going to feel if you buy her your services. At least I expected this much. I'll let you see the twist in the video below.

Well, pretty obvious now, if they take a good care of THEIR mothers, won't they do the same for YOURS ?

First, it's sweet to show some employee recognition. Whoever the company is, a cleaning lady doesn't exactly make millions of pounds. It's hard work, and the wage maybe fair, but they're definitely not something spectacular. Showing this good will gesture on a special day in a woman's calendar is a good morale booster and creates loyal workers that will serve you well.

Second, showing a humane side to your business is often hard. If you run your business with a soft hand, you're going to get exploited - A LOT. If you're too heartless about it, your company is going to get the "they're satan" treatment.
This is a good example of how successful businesses with large brands can go down to the customers level and show them they're still humans. It builds consumer trust and adds an emotional value to the brands name.

The message: "On Mother's day, we took care of the Mothers who usually take care of others."
This is a prime example of what a slogan should look like. It's exact, direct, influencing and it even rhymes ! All in one line.