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Friday, 25 April 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Really sweet movie, tell you that. I mean, have you seen Emma Stone's eyes? Really big and hypnotizing. And also Spider-man was there and he is a cool guy. You have to go watch it.

Spider-Man is one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. Captain America and Superman are big and popular, but your friendly neighbourhood web-slinger is kinder, funnier and is a regular guy under the costume. A person with emotions, problematic personal life, hard childhood, awkward teen years and love issues. It's easier to picture yourself as Spider-Man than Iron Man, because he is more down to earth and more human. That's why we love him.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Wallpaper

When we were kids we had the Animated Series - they made me start the comicbooks. Then we got the Tobey Maguire trilogy. Big movies which will remain a big part of Marvel movies history (except for Spider-Man 3 - that movie sucked). But those three films didn't feel exactly like I was watching the Spidey I remember.

They were less funnier and M.J. wasn't hot. Tobey is a good actor, but was not exactly perfect for the role. But Garfield on the other hand, proved he is worthy and he can become the real web-slinger, like the one from the books.

What's the point of this rant? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made me realize that Andew is Peter Parker and he is the actor I want to remember. These are the movies I'll show my kids and watch it with them. And here is why...


It all looked as I imagined it when I was kid. Shooting webs from one building to another, being so agile, free-falling and having no fear. That's how I imagined it while playing as a child. And they did it brilliantly.

I loved Gwen Stacy. She was hot and looked amazing. Emma Stone is a wonderful actress and knows how to act sexy and cute at the same time... actually, she doesn't even have to act it. For the people who've never read comicbooks, her death is probably shocking. But just to let you know - it already happened back in 1973. It's one of the most memorable comicbooks in the history of Spider-Man and in the superhero universes in general.

The night Gwen Stacy Died

A part of me was wishing it didn't happen. They might have changed it just for the film. It's a bold move to kill one of the beloved main characters, so I thought they didn't have the guts. But they did it. And it was dramatic and well-played. Even two days after I saw the flick I am still saying in my mind "I can't believe Gwen died!". And I knew she would.

The good writer warned us this will happen. The subconsciousness of Peter warned him. Captain Stacey was there to protect his little girl, but Parker didn't listen. At first I thought Denis Leary (George Stacey) was just an a*shole wanting those two lovebirds separated, but he was absolutely right.
Even though the trailer kind of spoiled it all, plus all the conspiracies around the net, it was a huge nerd-gasm to see so many villains at the same place. And they were perfectly synchronises with great backstories.

We witnessed history. Right now, in this film, we saw the beginning of Sinister Six. We saw the Green Goblin, Rhino, Electro. In The Amazing Spider-Man we witnessed the creation and destruction of Lizard. We also saw the tentacles of Doctor Octopus and the wings of Vulture. But there were some Easter Eggs which hinted there will be more.

Easter Eggs

Carnage by Saqib Hussain
  1. If you are following the Daily Bugle on Twitter you probably saw an article about Killer Kasady. If you don't know who that is - just look for Carnage. And who made the story? Eddie Brock - Venom. That's really awesome, because Venom is just the coolest villain in Spidey's world. And Carnage is even cooler.
  2. The files which Harry Osborn opened contained a lot of information and a lot of names and projects. There was a Dr Morbius, Venom Storages, Australian Project. Morbius is an actual vampire. The Venom storages will probably contain the origin of The Venom. And some people say Australian Project might be something connected with Kraven the Hunter, but he is Russian, so I kind of doubt it.
  3. Also, did you notice the names of some of the side characters? Felicia is the assistant of Harry Osborn. And I doubt there is another Felicia in the Spider-Man universe, so she most definitely become Black Cat at some point - one of the sexiest anti-heroes ever.
  4. That dude with the glasses, who told Max to work late on his birthday is actually Alistair Smythe. He is is the Ultimate Spider-Slayer. And there is a lot of evidence he will become this persona. If you read the Daily Bugle, you know Alistair's dad, Spencer Smythe was the head of the engineering division in Oscorp. And he made a big progress in robotics. But he was fired and his son is the successor. 

This movie is the bedrock of many future plots. I just can't wait to see them.

Things That Sucked

  1. Sooner or later there will be a Mary Jane. I know it's been months since the death of Gwen Stacy, but I really doubt there will be someone who can actually replace her.
  2. The Green Goblin looked kind of silly. The acting is good, don't get me wrong, but the looks were somehow weird.
  3. We'll have to wait at least 5 more years to see the finale. And if the story goes the same way as the story in the Marvel Ultimate Universe, Peter might die at the end. 


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