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Monday, 23 March 2015

Farewell dGeneralist

Today, +Audrey Wright and I decided to leave the blog alone. At least for now. We have bigger projects and a lot of work to do and we feel +dGeneralist like a huge burden.

We liked the ride, but Blogspot is a shitty platform. Who knows, we might move to Wordpress or something better. Don't know why I chose it, but we are all sorry right now. To make the smallest changes it take a lot of effort. The whole visual style is directly on the page, so every time someone loads the blog, it loads all of the CSS, but not from a separate file.

Also, the redirects. It was then .com, then again and it was blogger, not blogspot. Google can't make up its mind. It's bad for optimisation.

This is not a final Goodbye. We will still post from time to time, but there won't be Silent Wednesday every week. There won't be regular posts (not that we had any of these lately). We will just write when we have something big to say.

I hope Audrey can say something more touching.