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Friday, 7 March 2014

Best Of The Internet - Week 3

Using Content Marketing to Build Brand Trust

For the people who are dealing with some SEO, this article will be in great use. This is probably one of the most successful methods to do SEO at the moment. With all the updates Google has introduced so far, you can forget that spam is a viable tactic to get long term results. Instead, content is the perfect solution to both bring the users value and get some of it for yourself as well. 

Unbelievable Artworks From Zaria Forman

Incredibly realistic paintings. This is the kind of art I would put on my living room wall and enjoy it every single day. It’s something I would actually pay a lot of money to have. We all have different tastes in art, but no one can deny the advanced level of skills Zaria has. 
Too bad I am just a poor writer and will have to satisfy my taste with simple stick-man figures on the wall. (Geoff)

Full article here:

Awesome Illustrations By Nacho Diaz

This’d be one of the little times I’m actually going to use quotes but… Without art the Earth is just… Eh…
There is not much else to say here, just brilliant artworks by Nacho Diaz. I hope he  continues his work and allows us to enjoy more of these :)  

Tweet Of The Week

When you combine a political issue and great and brilliant comedians and performers, the result can be no less than hilarious. 

If The UK Was In War Right Now

From true happiness to misery and fear in an years time. The video shows us a distant reality we often manage to forget and ignore. The reality of children left with nothing due to the greediness and hunger for power of others.
Honestly, it didn’t do much for me, as I try to stay informed as much as possible about what really happens in the world.
But I guess it will come as a shock to a lot of people, easily forgotten the bombs dropping on their mothers and grandmothers heads 70 years ago.

3D Printed Cardiac Assisting Device

I've been thinking for a long time that 3D printing is the “new thing” in design and manufacturing. Plastic, even though disastrous to the environment is used for those same indestructible and non degradable qualities in our lives.
With the progress of 3D design technologies and the accessibility of the tools nowadays is the natural progress of man’s inventive, intuitive side.
As for cardiac assisting devices, it’s not a real surprise that finally there is upcoming a product that requires no maintenance or recharge.


Okay… it’s fake, I know, everybody knows… But still, this video is really inspirational to me. The reason for it is that, statistically, someday technology like this will exist (if it doesn’t already) and be open to the public just like cars and phones are.
There is nothing bad for us to dream for five minutes and imagine something uplifting and inspiration, is there ?

Mission Control Desk

The most awesome of awesome dads. This “playground” he built and programmed for his son requires probably hundreds of hours to plan and execute. And the smile on his little boys face absolutely justifies the labour and hard work, but how often would you see a father as devoted to his son as this one is. In today’s world of fast pace living and never having enough time for anything, it’s truly surprising to see an act of fatherly love like this one.

Potholes - A Creative Inspiration

Some people just know how to take the best out of life. These in particular, managed to turn the pothole a.k.a the nightmare of any driver into a creative and inspirational object for a series of fantastic photographs.

Some people have the genius, some don’t - it’s that simple. I had a lot of fun looking these and my day got a bit more brighter :)

Full article here:

Can Words And Language Help Design ?

An interesting idea. Well, at least to me, as both graphic artist and writer, I feel the writter of this blog is going into a very straight direction.

Both of these practices (art and writing) share far more qualities than they differ - both are artistic, creative, in need of inspiration, way of communication. Both are languages and as such, I find they can very well work together and bring value to one another.

As you’ve probably seen there is a practice that combines both together - typography. Both words and graphics work side by side and together bring better results. I find than both can be an inspiration to one another and improve on the final result, whether it is presented via one or another.