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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Meow Meow and Other Horrific Drugs

We all love browsing the internet. We love to check out some news sites, browse Reddit and see some funny articles and pictures. Every now and then you see some really bizarre and shocking story you just feel obligated to share.

At the beginning of this year a horrific accident occurred in the United Kingdom. A 19-year-old lad stabbed his mother and to make things even more interesting he cut off his peepee. It is said that this strange action happened thanks to a drug called Meow Meow.

It sound cute and fluffy. You might even think of Colonel Meow or the beloved cabaret star with the same name. But this has nothing to do with it. The drug's real name is Mephedrone and you might have heard it as Drone or MCAT.

colonel meow painting
Colonel Meow
It's not as popular as other poisons on the market, but it has similar effects as amphetamines, ecstasy or cocaine. But probably thanks to this news story people will be looking for it in dark alleys. You know what they say - "There is no such thing as bad publicity". And drug dealers were probably just waiting for something similar to happen.

The story made me think about other weird and horrific drugs. So I decided to make a small list of really dangerous substances which made the news with some monstrous stories.

1. The Devil's Breath

A very scary name and it's produced from such a lovely plant. The medical term is Scopolamine and it's purpose is different than "regular" drugs. It's not meant to get you high. This is something used to zombify people. Well, it won't make you desire flesh and brains, but it will make you a zombie in the old-fashioned way. The drug is used to control people. So someone can blow it to your face and order you to steal a car, get money from the ATM or murder a president. The next day you won't remember a thing.

Devils breath plant
It turns out it has been a legal drug and prescribed for insomnia. It is also known as a date rape drug (like roofies).

Fun fact: The CIA used scopolamine as a truth serum.

2. Bath Salts

Speaking of zombies... Do you remember that jolly good story of a young naked man eating the face of a homeless person? It was just two years ago and the media went insane. Topics such as "Zombies are real" and "The Zombie apocalypse is here" were everywhere. No wonder - it was quite ghastly.

If you don't remember what happened, I'll tell you. A regular afternoon in Miami. A drugged Eugene decided to go for a walk and take off all of his clothes (not exactly what happened). He then sees the lying Poppo and starts fighting him and chewing his face. Larry Vega, a passing cyclist, becomes a witness to this shocking scene. He calls 911 and after a few minutes help arrives. The polices officers give one warning shot. Then shoots Eugene once. After realizing it's ineffective, the officer shoots him four more times until the madness ends. 

At this point Poppo has lost 80% of his face and his left eye. He is still recovering and will never be able to see again.

This is just the most gruesome story. But there are many more bath salts tales out there.

3. Krokodil

Most drugs are used because people want to get high and.. actually I don't know why would someone intentionally want to ruin their bodies and lives. This drug is the worst of them all. It's called world's deadliest drug (although, I don't think anything can beat Heroin and Alcohol) or the flesh-eating drug. Again, people compare it to some zombies.

harm cause by drugs chart

Why does it exist? Because heroin is too expensive and junkies need their next dose. Russian is the country with the most heroin addicts, so the drug became really pricey, so they made a cheaper version. So they took some codeine, household items, some gasoline, mixed it and decide to inject it to their veins. And because you are so wasted, you might miss the vein. Sooner or later you'll stop caring. People will inject it directly to the flesh. This will cause the skin to darken and rot. With time the skin and tissue can literally fall off the bone. You become a living, rotting corpse.

This is a huge problem for Russians and Ukrainians, but the drug is spreading throughout Europe and the United states, as well. 

I prefer not to show you the grotesque images of Krokodil victims. You can search them yourselves. But be warned, they can give you nightmares. 

4. Jenkem

This one is a little bit different. It's made out of poo. It originates from South Africa and it's generally made from children. Basically, kids scrape faeces out of raw sewage, put it in plastic bottles, close it and leave it for a few days under direct sunlight. The sh*t ferments and methane gas is collected in a balloon or in the top part of the bottle. That gas is inhaled and it can give you hallucinations.  

Of course methane is not the healthiest thing you can put in your body. It cuts off oxygen, which could cause fainting or some serious brain damage. And there are cases of death, too. This is Jenkem. A drug made from human waste to forget the present and escape real life.

Please don't use any of these drugs. I made a list to show you what horrific substances people can make in an desperate attempt to escape reality.