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Friday, 21 March 2014

Best of The Internet - Week 4

Amazing Illustrations By Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown is an amazing illustration artist, who takes popular characters from video games, movies and TV shows and adds his little personality twist to them all, while keeping them in character. They are all fantastic and I urge you to check them all out right here:
or visit his personal DeviatART page at:

Yet A New iPhone

As usual, the stereotypes are true to the bone. The new phone is bigger,  but only slightly in size. The biggest difference is the screen. It's bigger and better.  Other than that...well...

You can check out the full article with a slick video (I'll give them that at least) right here:!AOrrD

Google Launches A New Feature For Google Docs 

Gay Test

Have you ever though about being homosexual ? Well this test is the perfect for you. I vouch for it's accuracy. Just try it and see what happens :)

The full link at:

These Dogs Just CANNOT Handle It Right Now 

I've found the funniest BuzzFEED post, I've ever seen. There is no need for my comment. Just take a scroll through and laugh yourself to death.

Full link here:

Being Human

Rob Chapman makes money out of YouTube. No surprise there, he's just like the other several million people doing the same thing. He once shot a video of a street musician, making THE music. Well, he made a hundred out of his video - quite the fair amount.
What happens next you can see in the video below. I'm so glad I found this out of the blue - it made my day slightly better.

Upcoming Pixar Animations

If you liked Cars and The Incredibles, you're up for big news. The sequels are up for production, but their release dates are yet unknown. You can check out the full article here: 

You Think British Have It Easy ?  

Well, think again, after you take a look at these funny and definitely true memes. 

You can see the rest if them at:

A Beautiful Art Gallery Wall...

Kimberly Noebell is a brilliant artist, but she's also an amazing interior designer. And what better to do than combine both at the same time at home.
She went off and decorated her entire wall with her and her daughters paintings along with some cool gathered vintage paintings
She wrote about it in her blog. If you're a fan of the picture above, go and check it out at:

That's it from this week guys, I'm sorry we're being low on content over the past few weeks, but Geoff and me are really working hard on some projects you're going to enjoy in some time from now. 
Audrey peacing out.