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Friday, 28 March 2014

Best of The Internet - Week 5

5 Steps To Hosting A Million Dollar Party

Our favourite +Audrey Wright has posted a very amusing article about throwing a party like a millionaire.

If you are the son of a millionaire and you don't know how to manage your own money, this is the perfect article for you. These tips will teach you how to waste everything your daddy and mummy gave you, how to get all the chicks, the places, the technology. It will make your party news-worthy. The next "Project X" movie will be dedicated to you.

Follow the steps, get the ideas and become a legend in your college.

Link to the article:

Photos of Children From Around the World and Their Favorite Things.

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti has made an unique set which is some of the best ideas I've ever seen. For three years he's been doing a project called Photos of Children From Around the World and Their Favorite Things. 

He's take pictures of children from 58 different countries and each one is more unique than the other. The beauty of this idea is to see how some kids have tons of different toys, but others are just satisfied with a few pairs of sunglasses. You can see the differences in culture, the status, how children in richer countries have a bigger variate.

But in every picture there is one thing in common - every child loves to play and it cherishes it's toys.

Link to full post:

Red Pandas Are Fabulous And Are Probably Better Than Every Animal Ever

Cats, puppies, sloths - step away and get down from your podium. There is a new cute creature in town. Actually it's the cutest thing alive. Statistically speaking it's impossible for any other animal to be this adorable even if they try.

Red Pandas are just magnificent and fabulous. They are cute when they eat, sleep, fight, just stand there, probably even when they poop. They are intelligent and quite handy. I mean, I can't even think of one negative thing about it, besides that I can't pet it right now. 

Link to full post:

Siphon Coffee... Or The Amazing, Reversible Coffee Spraycan

I might not drink coffee (but I do - Audrey), but that does not mean I am not a fan of the smell and the taste of it. I just find it as something unnecessary. But some coffees are worth the attention. 

Here +Jan Moren talks about his favourite Siphon Brewer. And the way he describes it... You just want to get one, put the coffee in, grab one of your favourite books, get in your cosy chair and enjoy your Saturday afternoon. When you watch the photos and the .gif at the end you can even sense the smell. These old and simple methods sometimes are the best ways to enjoy your beverage.

Link to blog post:

Learning Bionic Handling Assistant - Or... Unnecessary Long Description For a 

"Doc Oc Arm"

Festo - a technology developer, dealing with bionics has created a revolutionary bionic arm. Now the arm itself is old news. The device was prototyped four years ago. It was inspired by the trunk of the elephant. Similarly to it, the bionic arm is a spine-like omnidirectional mechanical muscle with grabber on the end. It's designed for human-machine cooperation and executes accurate commands.
What the new thing about it is - it started learning. Using a trial and error process, similar to how the baby learns to hold things, the arm can now memorise data from the tests and adjust itself to perform the given task perfectly.
It's as precise as to grab a light bulb and not break it in million pieces. It's constructed from 3D printed parts, which is somewhat expected, since 3D printing is the new big thing in design and production.

The only thing the researchers shouldn't do is allow for spinal neural control, or we're looking at the next dr. Octavius, without a Spider-Man to stop him.

Full link to the article:

Flappy Box Make Your Own Game Kit

If you haven't heard of the game Flappy Bird, you probably lived somewhere without an Internet connection or without a TV. It became so incredibly popular that after it was removed from the app store, people started selling their phones for thousands of dollars, because they had the game installed. And other people bought these phones.

Now you have a Flappy Box. A DIY project where you can make your own game with simple electronics and bit of creativity. And the creator Fawn Qui is encouraging us to use our imaginations even more. After you get tired of flappy bird, you can create your own version of the game.

If you are interested you can help her out and donate some money for her project.

Link to Kickstarter Campaign:

Installation Created By Cutting And Pasting Textbook Images

I generally don't approve of destroying textbooks, as even though you might not need them any more, I still feel like this is destroying knowledge, which could benefit somebody out there that doesn't have your opportunities. 
HOWEVER, (because I wont put something I bash into a "best" category or post) I can't ignore the piece of art Andrea Mastrovito. 

She went around and cut loose what seem to be thousands of images of animals and plants from textbooks and created a whole environment into the corner of a room. 

Is purely stunning and painful when you picture how much hard work went into the project. And, even though it might have cost some textbooks to create this brilliant piece, I feel like it still can be used for educational purposes and as such cover the lost material during the creation. 

Sustainable NYC? Dreamy Utopia Or A Realistic Image Of The Possible

Have you ever wondered if London can become sustainable ? London - that multimillion people city. That megametropolis, large enough to be it's own country even (or at least having the population for one).
Well, I can't say about London, but researches have gathered around and concepted how would New York city would look like and function if it was turned into a completely sustainable community.

Terreform Research Group - a sustainable architecture firm went around the huge trouble to evaluate all the data and actually create a theoretically working re-design of the entire city so that it might function completely sustainable.

They even re-structured the transportation systems and infra-structure of the whole Big Apple in order to complement food transport and reduce harmful emissions.

Now to pull that off in reality borders the impossible, but it's nice to dream a bit of what we actually could do for ourselves. And the accurate architectural renders make that dream seem even closer to reality than it is.

Check out the full article at:

Honestly, there is no much to say than click the play button and listen to what she has to say. The only disappointment in all of it is the whole Internet exploded over the fact she was homosexual, while that wasn't even the point of her speech. 
She said it just as reassurance she's been there and she's not just reciting memorized words by her PR agent. 
Anyway, listen to her, and then rethink your opinion on homosexuality and the right of life, bestowed upon each and any of us, regardless of the circumstances.

From the curved roof to the earthen stone, these cottage come straight out of a Disney Movie, only very real and very inhabitable. 
Even though they're as whimsical as something that virtually can't exist in the real world, they not only do, but are not isolated cases as well. 
Architects and Designers all over the world have made a very successful attempts to bring Disney out of the story and into the reality. 

Check all the amazing projects at:

When Fan Art Transforms Into A Twisted Fetish 

I don't know what to say about this. Sonic the Hedgehog is a very popular character and it's absolutely normal to have tons of fan art. But this is not what comes in mind when I think of fan art. Apparently people want Sonic to be pregnant, with breasts, very fat or a toilet. 

Link to full post:

Winds of Winter

George R.R. Martin has released a new chapter from the upcoming (somewhere in the future) sixth book of the incredibly popular saga. Some say that the Winds of Winter will come out after 2015, other believe it will be even further in the future. But at least the author is publishing some spoiler pages for the fans.

And for those of you who haven't tried reading the books and just watch HBO's Game of Thrones, don't forget to see the starting of the new season. It's on the  6th of April. And by the way, you are missing a lot by just watching the TV series.

Link to full post:

Imagine working your whole life on something that you've never achieved to prove. Then imagine somebody knocking on your doorstep one day, telling you you were right all along, that they found a solid proof and that your life's work is now worldwide acknowledged.
Well, you probably will never get to feel it for real, neither will I, but professor Andrei Linde did. Watch his amazing reaction and the heart-warming joy and appreciation he expresses. It certainly made my day and I hope it does yours too.

The New Michael Bay TMNT trailer is out! If I see no exploding shells, this is not a Michael Bay movie!

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