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Thursday, 3 April 2014

How I Met Your Step-Mother

The hype around the series finale of How I met Your Mother is slowly fading. There is no big buzz, nobody talks about it, only a few Facebook friends mention it, Reddit is silent and if you haven't seen it, you wouldn't even know these 9-year-old series have ended. But why? Most finales are grand and significant. They make the prime-time news, they are remembered forever, people are talking constantly over it, crying about the departure. Things seem different with the Mother.

how I met your mother poster in taxi
They were so young

*Spoilers Ahead*

Probably because it really sucked. It's very easy to criticise and really not original, but I wasn't happy with the finale. It was neither what I expected, nor what the series deserved. And because I don't want to sound like another disappointed fan, I'll use some arguments.

Barney Stinson

This is the most memorable character in the entire series. You may love Lilly, the kindness of Marshall, but Barney was the cool guy who made all of the iconic phrases. Barney is the one with the Bro Code and the Playbook. You probably even have one of them in your home library.

But he fell in love. He found the girl who can chance the famous womaniser into a loving and caring creature. It took season for this to happen. We watched him grow up and become mature, a man you can rely on. He and Robin were no ordinary couple and even though they had their moments of doubts, they loved each-other.

Barney Stinson photo

The whole ninth season was about their wedding. We so desperately wanted to get to that final moment and see the ceremony.

But what happened instead? Everything went fast forward into the future and puff, they were divorced. We saw some of the signals, probably some were expecting it. But every time they gave us a moment of doubt, it was fixed and the couple showed how much they care and desire to be together. But they got divorced.

And the whole evolution of Barney vanished. He became his previous self, a womaniser, with no respect for the opposite gender and thinking only about his penis. In the end he knocked up a girl and became a daddy. Yes, he was happy and that changed his life. But why didn't they show Number 31? It's like she is some faceless unimportant person. She is the mother of Barney's daughter - the most important girl in his life, Number 31 deserves some respect.

They just ruined the most legendary character.

Tracy McConnell - The Mother

The chose one. The one who Ted talked about for 9 years. The mother of his children, the woman that finally made him happy and was perfect in every way. The girl Ted deserved and who faith introduced to him in very mysterious ways.

Everybody who has watched the series know that she should have been the most important person and we should have seen more of her. The entire thing is named after her. But just when we started to love her, she disappeared. She literally died. They had a perfect life, perfect kids, the perfect home. They still had the gang and even though it wasn't as before, they were best friend like always. But she died.

No sadness, no mourning, no funeral. Her sickness, her last moments were so "by the way" that it killed the magic. It looked like they weren't actually so deeply in love. She deserved more attention. The ending of an era, of the perfect marriage, their last moments together - they should have been bigger.

Tracy looks almost insignificant. She was just a phase.

Ted Mosby

The hopeless romantic. He made us believe that you should never give up and sooner or later true love will happen. He waited, he took the risks, he was hurt, rejected, but always was positive and did everything for love.

He found the love of his life. After every failed relationship, he found her. And it was beautiful. We've never seen him happier. But the problem is, we didn't actually see much of him and Tracy.

Ted Mosby quote about the universe

I know many people will say - he is back with Robin, he is breaking the Bro Code. It might be so, but it's been six years after her death. Six years is a long time and Ted deserves to be with somebody. And why not with the only other person he loved so insanely?

The problem is not that he got back with Robin, but that they made Ted and Tracy's relationship look so small and unmemorable. Ted is a sensitive man and we know he has cried a lot, he mourned, he was probably in some emotional hole. But they didn't show that. Tracy just disappeared and the next scene was Ted going back to Robin. Like he was waiting for this moment to happen.

It's like it was always Robin and his marriage was just a lie.

Lilly and Marshall

Everything was cool with those two. They continued to be the perfect couple and continued to care for their friends. They are the ones who keep the group together.

The only thing that botterd me is their third kid - it didn't have a name.


Most of the critics actually loved How I met Your Mother's finale. They say it's unique, it's different and new for the genre. I agree - it's really different from what we've seen before.

Maybe if they didn't make so much filler episodes in the last season and stretched "Last Forever" a bit, it would been wonderful. They made an entire weekend into a season, but all these moments - the divorce of Barney and Robin, the Death of the mother, Marshal and Lilly's third baby (at least give the child a name), their moving out of the apartment, Barney's daughter - those are all huge moments of the character's lives. They deserved much more time.

I hate how they've ruined it all and took a huge dump on the plot. But that's my opinion. The actions seemed logical - Ted was madly in love with Robin and always has been, but they made us think it will change. It didn't. And they decided to make a complete plot twist.

At least you have succeeded in one giant way - you've made the finale very memorable.