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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Best of The Internet - Number 6

Another week has passed, another issues is here. This time it's a little shorter, but probably because we weren't browsing that much. You'll see a few scientific discoveries, cool forms of art, funny posts, cute things, and some comic books.

Kids Have all The Answers in Life

These are some of the purest answers you've ever seen. No one can answer a question like a child - so honest, so pure. And at the same they are quite clever and brave. Back in my school days I wouldn't even imagine writing such answers, but these kids know how to win the respect of their teachers.

My most favourite one is Number 5 - The Situation. It's just... Nobody can answer a question better than this kid. He or she should become a president some day. When they ask him all the complicated stuff, he'll have the smartest answers.

College Humor

Make Art and Faces with Everything

Thanks to the Internet we are able to witness more and more talented people everyday. And the creativity of some folks never stops to amaze me. Right here you can see how the artist has used regular objects like pens, scissors, grapes, walnuts, razors etc., to create art.

Victor Nunes made faces, plants, complicated figures, there even is a cowboy at one point. And just because drawings are not enough, he made some faces from clothes. This is true talent - to see a potential masterpiece in every object and to know how to express yourself.


Famous Quotes Illustrated with Minimalist design

Who doesn't like quotes by famous people? They are wise, can change your life and you can find a lot of truth in them.

But Ryan McArthur has decided to take things to another level - make brilliant quotes to even more brilliant art. He used minimalist design and made them even more interesting. Creations like these deserve a place on your office wall for inspiration.

Link Here

90-Year-Old Lovebirds

This old couple became viral rather quickly. It started as a simple advert for the cleaning brand Swiffer, but people found the couple more interesting than the products.

And why? Because they are sincere. Their emotions are honest and pure. Morty and Lee Kaufman have been together for a long time, but the spark hasn't disappeared. They are still madly inlove, completing each-other's sentences, dancing and singing. So adorable and that's what touched us all.

In the end, the most touching elements, the ones that reach the audience is not the effects, the screenplay, but the basic human emotions.

Huffington Post


Here is a fun way to kill the time. Patatap is a website where you can create music via an online music sampler pad. Each key on the keyboard is linked to a sound and a visual animation.
Pressing the space will change the entire set with new sounds and animations.
Honestly I would have loved this site if only it featured a recording option and a loop option for the sounds.

Frankly, you can make some very relaxing sounds, which are really suitable for the end of your work day... or for the end of the week.

Go have some fun at:

Catch all The Pokemon thanks to Google Maps

April Fools' Day was kind of big this year. Many famous brands made funny pranks and videos for their clients. Google didn't disappoint.

They decided to make Google Maps more interesting and useful than it already is. Now you can find where all of your Pokemon are located and go catch them. It's a hard job, some are located in distant locations, but the application can help you. If you want to be the best trainer in the world, you should really try it out. But be careful, it's a bit risky.

Check it out here

Aventador Crash

If you had a very expensive exotic car, what would you do? A) enjoy the ride and cruise the streets; B) drive it carefully, because you don't want to break it; C) destroy it

This guy chose answer C. Well, it's not completely destroyed, but to repair the damage it will cost you a lot and it will take some time. Which means you won't be able to cruise and pick up babes (why else would you buy it). It's not entirely his fault. The other driver wasn't paying much attention either.

+Shmee150 likes taking videos of expensive cars and they always get tons of views. But this right here went viral in a matter of days. All because he was in the right place at the right time.

75 Years of batman

You might have seen our Silent Wednesday this week. It was filled with Batman art, covers and pictures. And the reason is, because Batman celebrates 75 years.

He first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in the distant 1939. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The Dark Knight became one of the most popular and iconic comic book heroes in the history of comic books. Every kid wants Batman action figures and T-shirts. Grown ups even love the masked vigilante. I've seen the Dark Knight saga dozens of times, the Tim Burton movies were awesome, and I grew up with the Animated Series.

But that's just the big screen and TV. The comic books have always been the best part. And they've been the favourite reading of many generations. For me, Batman is the most successful DC character - better than Superman even.

Stunning Photographs Show How We're using and Abusing the World

For me photography is one of the best forms of art. Everyone can take a camera and make some photos, but you have to be a genius to make them beautiful. And this collection is magnificent.

Edward Burtynsky has made this collection with the idea to show how humans are using the water resources of the world.

See the photographs here.

How Brilliant People Schedule their Days

I must be a genius (Audrey)! I definitely have to be a genius! 
I mean, look at all these charts. Mozart, Kant, Beethoven, Freud, Balzac, Darwin, Dickens, Franklin and much more, all good and genius people. 
RK, Andrews from In Info We Trust, went around and analysed how they go about their day in terms of routines, time frames and activities.
What he determined when he looked at the patterns, is they all have a good sleep everyday before going back to being genius. If sleep is the deciding factor, I'm your man (errr, rather girl).. 

Check out all amazing graphs  HIER.

Silicon Based Probe

Hooray science! Researchers at A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore have made a considerable step forward in micro-crafting a neural probe with the right dimensions and functions to be eligible to transplant within the brain. 
Neural probes are developed as a "cure" for those suffering limb loss, or spinal cord damage. The probes are meant to be a link between the central neural system and the said artificial, or artificially enhanced limb, allowing for us to operate with our bodies once more. 

Read the full article here