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Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Life Cycle of Living On Rent

So, a couple of months I tried my hands on a GIF story, seeming they are pretty popular on the web. My life rotating around living on rent and dealing with neighbours, co-tenants and landlords, I figured it'd be the perfect story to tell. Thanks for taking a scroll if you do, and I hope you enjoy it. There I go :)

You decide to move from your parents house.

So, you start your online research..

You register into a property website...

     ..but then, your inbox turns ugly...

So you switch plans and go see a broker.

He shows you this "new development project" just outside of the city centre.

You take a drive around the neighbourhood to see how people live.

When you finally find the place you like.

You get to read tonnes of "amazing" contracts and tenancy agreements.

And when you enter it with your own personal set of keys for the first time, you realise it's quite in bad shape...

..but you feel there is potential.

So, you get to work.

At some point, you go to visit the neighbours and make friends...

And shortly after your new room-mate moves in.

You want to be nice, so you prepare a meal for the two of you can break the ice.

But every time you visit the kitchen;

or the toilet;

or, the bath...

You go and have a chat with your landlord about it, but their reaction is not what you expected at all..

You know you're on the edge of snapping...

..but you try to channel your anger elsewhere..

 Your room-mate has their "friend" over occasionally.

And you get to explore the contents of your own room for hours, until they're done.

But when you get to invite somebody of your own home, your room-mate acts a bit.. 

Sometimes they throw a frat party in the apartment.

But there again, you're rarely invited in your own home...

 Four months in, your plumbing totals...

And then the washing machine;

And then you have a weekend without any electricity...

But, the letting agency decides it's your fault and the money for repairs comes out of your deposit...

So, you dig in the contracts again.

But finally give up, because they have their behinds covered... 

All your friends have suddenly vanished, when you need some help..

And your parents are...disappointed..

You're special someone is not making it easy either.

Your best friend steps up and makes you open your eyes to reality.

But your ship continues sinking, regardless of his attempts.

And when all life gives you the boot.

You make the only logical decision...

And spend your next week like so:

Finally, you call the cleaners;

and the movers, and pack for going back home...

And then you wake up..

..and you really hate the alarm clock right now.

But, you realise it was just a dream.

And then come the memories of last night.

When you were...

And your car was...

And you re-think your entire concept of moving.

Note: If you want to create one of your own, you can use It's a very cute platform, that allows you to create similar gif stories yourself. It offers a great data base of images, but you can also use other you've found on the web, or created from scratch.

Update 2015: If you really want to know why this story was perfectly negative, I suggest you read one of my latest article: Why Did London March For It's Homes.