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Monday, 23 June 2014

This is Why the Internet was Created

a really drunk guy can't get up

In my opinion, this is why the internet was created. No, not to show drunken men hitting their heads. The video below shows us the perfect combination of ingenuity, skills and imagination. 

A redditor - u/presidentjim, posted this a few hours ago. The title says that this falling guy is someone from the user's high school. He got really drunk (maybe a little high too), someone captured his shameful act on camera, and now they decided to create a parody.

But we've seen thousands of drunk fails on the internet all the time. What's so special about this one? Someone decided to dub it with WWE commentary and it became an instant hit.

Watch Video:

I mean, seriously - the syncing is flawless. It's like it was recorded specially for this. According to the comments, the sound is from the famous Undertaker/Mankind Hell in a Cell match.