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Friday, 30 January 2015

Not so Silent Caturday - 44 Reasons Cats Are Assholes

1. The Steal Your Pancake Mix Reason

2. The Steal Your Smoked Fish Reason

3. The Steal Your Milk Reason

4. The Steal Your Sandwich Reason

5. The Raid Your Entire Fridge Reason

6. The Steal Your Pasta Reason

7. The De-bagging Your Tea Reason

8. The Snatching Your Fish Lunch Reason

9. The Stealing Your Unbaked Batch Reason

10. The De-snacking Your Coffee Reason

11. The Stalking Your Other Pets Reason

12. The Eating Your Shrimps Reason

13. The Stealing Your Catch Reason

14. The Clone and Drink Reason

15. The De-chickenizing Your Potatoes Reason

16. The Poaching Your Chocolates Reason

17. The Taking Your Toast Reason

18. The No Regrets Reason

19. The Double Latte Reason

20. The Not Giving Up Reason

21. The Handsome Swindler Reason

22. The Fuck Your Happiness Reason

23. The Get His Share Reason

24. The Take Your Share Too Reason

25. The Take Everybody's Share Reason

26. The Steal Your Child's Prize Reason

27. The Get The Last Piece Reason

28. The Snatch The Cheese Reason

29. The Ruin Your Salad Reason

30. The Ruthless My Meat Reason

31. The Eat Your Sausage Reason (don't be perverted, please)

32. The Take Your Croissant Reason

33. The Get F on Your Homework Reason

34. The Eat Your Dinner Reason

35. The Steal The Last Cookie Reason

36. The No Pizza For You Reason

37. The Take All The Panties Reason

38. The Lick Your Ham Reason

39. The Take The First Piece Reason

40. The This Fish Belongs To Me Stare Reason

41. The Salami Swammy Reason

42. The Can't Hide Anything From This Bastard Reason

43. The Fuck Your Snowman Reason

44. The Too Big To Swallow But Eat It Anyway Reason

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