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Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Best Alarm Clocks Ever

For most of us alarm clocks are a creation of Satan. They wake us up when we want to sleep, they are loud and sometimes they don't stop when you turn them off. But we know they are simply trying to help.

Because we are so used to the ordinary alarms, people have created new awesome alarm clocks which can awake even the heaviest of sleepers. Keep reading to choose your next waking device.

Just FYI, there are not money stealing ones here, because they are pure evil and you are basically a masochist if you buy one of them.


This is probably one of the most famous alarm clocks in the world. Unlike the ordinary ones, this one doesn't simply wait on your night stand for you to press it.

the running alarm clock
If you snooze, Clocky starts to cruise around the room and you have to get up to catch it. During its mini adventure it beeps constantly, so you have no other chance, but to get up. 

Bacon Alarm

No, I'm not talking about that ridiculous iPhone app which will spray a bacon sent in the air. This is the real deal!

here is the bacon alarm clock for the best awakening
Unlike other alarms, Bacon will make you love mornings. You will look forward to going to bed, just because you know there will be bacon in the morning. The minus of this inventions is the extra pounds you will add.

Coffee Time Alarm Clock

But if you are not a fan of bacon... wait, who doesn't love bacon?! Probably vegetarians and vegans, but we don't talk about vegans here. Anyway, if you prefer a refreshing warm beverage in the morning, the coffee time alarm clock is the choice for you

Just the smell of freshly brewed coffee should make your eyes wide open. But they even added some sound to make it even better. 

Helicopter Alarm

This one is like the Clocky, but it can fly! So you don't have to chase it around the floor, but you might have to jump in the air to hit the little chopper.

Your mission is to wake up on time and prevent from the helicopter to fly off. If it does, just grab it and plug it in again.

Floormat Alarm clock

This one is really simple and not annoying at all. When the beeping starts, all you need to do is get up and step on the clock. Yes, because the alarm is actually a mini rug. It's simple, but genius. This way you are for sure getting up.

Wake Up, Work Out Alarm Clock

wake up and trian your biceps

A perfect way to get up on time and stay in shape. The alarm won't stop buzzing until you've made 30 biceps reps. Then and only then you will be able to enjoy a peaceful morning. Now you have arms of steel and a working mind, time to start up the day.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

There are a few variations of this one, but the idea is the same - when it's time to get up, the clock shoots a few puzzle pieces in the air, like it just don't care. Then, you will have to get up, find the pieces, put them in the right sockets and the noise will stop.

This way you train your mind and you hate life just a bit more.

Laser Target Alarm Clock

Do you expect me to snooze? No, mr Bond, I expect you to wake up.
What better way to wake up than feeling like James Bond. It's 07:00, the alarm is on, the noise is terrible. The only way you can save yourself right now is to use the laser gun. You point and with one precise shot you stop that bugger. Mission accomplished.

Sonic Bomb With Super Shaker

This is the most hated alarm clock on the list. Why? Because it's bloody loud and annoying. Not only you will hate it, but you will share the experience with everyone in a 1 mile radius (probably).

the loud alarm clock

You will be afraid to go to sleep, because you know how the waking process will go. So there you have it - you will never be late again. Oh, and it vibrates under your mattress.

DangerBomb Alarm Clock

Another brilliant idea. You wake up, you see the bomb standing there next to your head, the buzzing is loud and mind-killing. The only way to stop it is to cut the right wire. But if you are wrong, things will get even worse.

The fun thing about the DangerBomb alarm clock is that the wires are changed every day.

Finger Dance Alarm Clock

finger dance alarm clock.

This is exactly like Dance Dance Revolution, but for your fingers. You have to push the right combinations in order to stop the clock. And all of this comes with a funky soundtrack. Awesome!

Sfera Alarm Clock

Another model which makes you get up from bed. The sfera stays above your head and starts making its noise every morning. If you tap it or squeeze it, it will snooze. But the more you leave it in snooze mode, the more it goes up. After some time you will have to get up and take it off the ceiling. When you pull it down, it will finally stop.

Water Spray Alarm Clock

The classic bucket of water is replaced with something more gentle, but still annoying. The title says it all - water spray alarm clock. You have to stop it before your whole face and sheets are wet.

So what do you think? Will these alarm clocks wake you up?