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Friday, 28 February 2014

Best of The Internet - Week 2

Study: Online Content Creators Outnumber Consumers 2,000 To 1

A brief article on the ratio between content creators, like myself, and content viewers, like yourself.

2000 to 1 - who knew ..?

Oatmeal comics content creator
Of course, this is the Onion, so the statistics are made up for the laughs. But they make a good point. For the past decade the internet has grown and evolved so much, and it contains so much information, you can't even imagine the numbers of original content uploaded each day.

Don't think only about journalists, writers and big branded sites. Even the regular user is a content creator. You took three pictures with your mobile phone today, you uploaded it to Facebook or Tumblr and now you have 10 or 20 likes, shares and the numbers are growing. You created something original, people are seeing it.

But after all, the article is simply made for the lolz.

How Would you Make Your city More Playful? 

This was just mind-blowing to me when I first saw it. Freespace is the ultimate source of inspiration there can be. From my perspective, I see it as a huge blank canvas. Then a community gathered around the canvas and working together, or in their separate corner of it to create this huge piece of art.

Basically, you’re doing what you regularly do, but because you do it with the presence of like-minded people, you get some much positive vibes that your creativity and motivation is bursting out faster than you can put it to effective work.

The process of transforming a city into this huge canvas would be absolutely astonishing, if ever realised.

I personally will be following this movement and see where it leads to.

I know I’ve shared this already on some social media sites, but it’s really worth nothing. The guy creating the video, did an extensive research on the companies and technologies google is aiming for and has already acquired.

It’s by far an interesting video, and the creator does his best to stay objective and nullify comments like “Google is becoming the real Skynet..” and others alike, even though it really starts to resemble it with this huge coverage of robotic technology and artificial intelligence, combined with access to people’s everyday life and even homes.

A really well done production and a really interesting food for thought.

Ocean Energy Turbine Kickstarter

A new kickstarter campaign to create an Ocean Energy Turbine to harness the power of the ocean, in order to replace the common Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy.

Now, the campaign is not live yet, but a draft to prepare us for what their about the attempt.
The team is small, consisted by scientists of different fields related to the project.
I do not ask of you to pledge, but please take a good look at the page, and if you like it, at least share it to your friends.

Fossil fuels and Nuclear energy have long proven they cannot be relied on for too much longer.
Natural fuels go low on supply and nuclear ones are still a potential danger, despite all the safety precautions. The amassing of spent nuclear fuel alone is enough of a worry.

Also the campaign asks something different than just money - it ask us to be more responsible consumers and to lower the amount of resources we waste, as it is quite a lot.

Earthships — The Ultimate Green Homes

On a similar topic… I’d like to present to you an article, which +Audrey Wright has posted. It’s on the topic of Eartships. Never heard of it? Quite normal, it’s not really as spread as I think it should be. Earthships are the ultimate green homes. They are completely self-sufficient in terms of energy consumptions as they produce everything you will use at your home - even food.

House made of eco materials

Check it out as, it’s truly an interesting topic and quite delicious food for thought about optimizing our lives and existence.

A Photographer Tries to Meet all his Facebook Friends

Meet all your facebook friends - quite the unusual quest to set yourself. And yet, photographer Ty Morin challenged himself with the mentioned task. He has 788 friends in the popular social media and he is set to meet all of them. Watch him as he goes and talks about how and why he means to accomplish this task.

A year without Internet

Can you live without internet for a full year ?

Apparently Paul Miller can. He set out on to this unimaginable to us - citizen of the regular, modern society. Take a good scroll through his journal, as it’s quite entertaining. I can’t believe, I’ve only found about this now, but still is an amazing projects and I’m about to digest every piece of content produces while it lasts.

Link to journal

The Point - Thank You, Epic Games

Epic Games sold Gears of War to Microsoft. Does this mean the studio is about to quit video games? It would be really sad, because they've made some really legendary titles in the industry. We've all played Unreal and Gears of War and had countless hours of incomparable fun. Hopefully it's not like that, but we'll see.

Artists Showing Drawing Progression from Age 2 through 24

And finally something art-sy :D This article shows the progression of this artist from his very beginning to the current state that he is. And it’s quite a progression to observe.

the drawings of an artist age 2