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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Leonardo Dodging The Oscar Once Again

So, the Oscars ended and Leonardo still hasn't received the academy award.
Out of this a few questions in mind of the general public. I'm not a huge movie lover and especially no critic, but  I've seen quite enough to have a general opinion on the matter, so let's say I'm the  general public right now.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Portrait out of pictures of Oscar-winning celebrities. 

But first on to some statistics - Leonardo has been nominated 5 times for an academy award throughout his career:

Lets remember his performance in the Wolf Of Wall Street :

Out of these four movies, I think three are exceptional and he has a lot more (and even better in my humble opinion) movies that have gone under the radar of the academy awards.
With that said, the whole Internet user base is almost rioting why hasn't Leonardo received any awards yet.

It's quite the community of people and I find disregarding it bizarre. To say it bluntly, the people want him to get an award. They clearly express their opinions and tastes towards the actor.
Best as a value is determined by the people as a general. Because our numbers have amassed far beyond the ability to express true democracy (everybody has a vote), we elect small groups of people who reflect the shared mass opinion to do it for everybody.

And as everybody wants to give Leo an Oscar, why isn't the committee giving him one.
I find that this continuous ingnoration of the people's wishes will reflect negatively on the academy's trust factor.
I heard a lot of reactions towards the credibility of the Oscars, due to not mirroring the tastes and preferences of the public.

You can see the reaction of Leonardo, when Jennifer Lawrence read Matthew McConaughey's name out loud below.

While it's hilarious to see the creativity of the Internet on this topic, I really do feel for Leo. He's being ignored for far too longer than he should be.
To be honest, he is quite unlucky with his strong rolls. He seems to put out an award-worthy performance just when the competition is tough and hard to beat, while his weaker plays get on screen when he actually would have had it in the bag.
It's the only explanation to him having the mere three awards out of his 31 nominations for prestigious awards overall.
Well, that and the conspiracy that jury's all over the world hating him for some reason.

Of course, seeing Martin Scorsese on the scene with him, we must remember that Scorsese took his first academy award only after six failed attempts, which shines a bit of new hope on Leonardo's situation.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying McConaughey doesn't deserve the award, on the contrary, I think he really does, but there is still the matter of when will it be DiCaprio's turn to lift the golden dude of glory.

If there are to be any positive sides to the story it's the fact that the Internet had been a lot more entertaining through the last week. Below you can see exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I leave you with them and wish you a great day, and for Leo: Keep at it, statistically, you will have to win at some point, so don't worry!

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